On April 8, 2014, Spielbauer was discovered dead in a trench off Helium Road, close to County Road 34, adjacent to her stopped Chevy Tahoe SUV. Inside certain hours, the specialists recognized the dead body as Robin’s and controlled her a murder.


She had been struck on the disconnected street intentionally, dying from a shot injury to the rear of her head. She capitulated to serious agony and wound. Robin Spielbauer Wikipedia is still out of vision.

In any case, a portion of the main online interfaces have covered Spielbauer and her passing occurrence. Born on October 23, 1981, Spielbauer invested a portion of her initial a long time in North Dakota prior to settling down in Amarillo, Texas. She died at 34 years old.

Her significant other Jeremey Spielbauer supposedly executed Robin Spielbauer. Following an allure raising questions identified with the objectivity of two legal hearers and the guidance from his lawyer, Spielbauer’s conviction was upset in January 2020.

As per our explores, Jeremy Spielbauer was charged for executing his ex Robin Spielbauer. The Seventh Court of Appeals turned around his conviction. Jeremy was indicted in the year 2018 and condemned to life in jail with a $10,000 fine.

The police had additionally given a capture warrant for Jeremy’s new spouse, Katie Phipps. She was imprisoned for over a year. Afterward, those charges were dropped. You can see the entire killed story on The Cinemaholic.

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Robin Spielbauer spouse was Jeremy Spielbauer. At the point when Robin was hitched to Jeremy, Jeremy had started having an illicit relationship with Katie and afterward attached the marital bunch with her.

Additionally, Spielbauer was made due by two kids, the two little girls named Jaiden and Harley Spielbauer. Speilbauer was born to her folks – her dad, Steve Bledsoe, and her mom, Jackie Bledsoe of Amarillo. She additionally has a kin sister named Brandy D’Intinosanto.