The hosts of the web recording are Ben Adair, an analytical writer and eminent translator, Sharon Choi. Ben is a Peabody Award-winning writer and a podcaster at Western Sound.

According to Sharon, she is a Korean-American movie chief and a translator. The webcast is as of now in its first season, where it highlights notorious killings which occurred in Koreatown.

The focal subject of this web recording is to uncover new proof of wrongdoing cases that happened in K-town. The second scene of the web recording Strangeland highlighted a tale about Robin Cho.

Robin Cho is the suspect of LAPD for the merciless triple homicide in Koreatown. Robin was born in the South Korean wide open in 1957 to a financial specialist father and housewife mother.

His dad was the proprietor of the salt homestead in Korea. He was among the second most youthful youngsters in the family and had nine kin. This scene is about the ponzi trick that Robin was related with, where he duped individuals of millions.

Subsequent to being indicted for a misrepresentation case, he was obligated to give his DNA to the police. Before long, he was charged for a triple homicide which happened years prior. The Blood from the homicide scene was coordinated to Cho’s Blood.

There are four scenes with respect to Robin Cho; you can pay attention to them on the Strangeland site. Robin Cho’s current age is 64 years of age. Robin used to function as an extra security specialist in the mid ’90s.

Cho is a criminal who swindled a great many dollars from individuals. In 2008, he was sentenced for another wrongdoing, triple homicide.He is a hitched  man with a spouse and two children matured 28 and 23.Robin  Cho isn’t accessible on Wikipedia.

— Ben Adair (@benadair) November 9, 2021

Robin as of late turned into a moving point over the web after the scene of Strangeland was delivered. The Strangeland web recording had done a four-scene about him and his violations. The main pertinent data about him is that he is a Korean-American who moved to America in 1974.

In 2008, he was sentenced for extortion, and in 2009, he was indicted for a triple homicide in Koreatown, LA. Robin Cho doesn’t have an Instagram. Robin is right now carrying out his punishment in jail subsequent to being sentenced for triple homicide.