The specific reason for death of Roberto Roena isn’t yet known. Notwithstanding, the news was affirmed by his girl recently. The record of that social body expressed, “I should report without words that maestro Roberto Roena, the great dad of the Salsa Museum, has simply died away.”

Carlos Molina, head of the Museo de la Salsa, revealed to Colombian paper El Pas that Brenda, his little girl confirmed the story from Puerto Rico, disclosing to Molina Jr. via telephone.

His family should be devasted right now, so we’d prefer to communicate our sympathies to his friends and family. Roberto Roena started his imaginative vocation through stage moving when he was nine years of age.

In the long run, he was offered an agreement to perform routinely on WKAQ-“La TV’s Taberna India. Rafael Cortijo, one of the percussionist, watched Roena in real life during the transmissions.

Roena was an incredible percussion conga drummer as well as being an artist. Rafael Cortijo turned into an adoptive parent and showed him how to play the bongos, and he ultimately turned into his band’s bongo player.

He additionally fiddled with baseball every so often. He went on to establish his band named, “Roberto Roena y Su Apollo Sound,” which is viewed as one of the most outstanding Latin salsa groups in Puerto Rico. Discussing his Hijo or youngsters, he has a little girl whose data isn’t accessible to us right now.

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Essentially, his better half, just as other relatives, additionally are on the lowkey. It appears as though this gathering of individuals appreciates being away from the spotlight. The family did, notwithstanding, discharge the data on his demise through a passing declaration. Sympathies and love from his fans have been pouring all around the web.