Ada Merlano tried to be the political beneficiary of the Gerlein family, a strong and compelling family on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. As indicated by Seventh Day’s program on Sunday, Aida was just upheld by a financial specialist.

As indicated by the unique, the Guerlain family chose to search for somebody to address them in the Congress of the Republic toward the finish of 2017 because of medical problems tormenting then-congressperson Roberto Gerlein.

As per the columnist, Ada Merlano had individual full of feeling contact with Julio Gerlein, notable in Barranquilla, and that this bond broke the political house.

Since Julio was likewise the lender of his brother Roberto’s missions, as columnist Manuel Teodoro put it, that supposed relationship would have had extreme repercussions inside the faction.

Wendy Herrera, a Cartagena Council competitor, let Seventh Day know that the situation delivered contention between the Gerlein brothers. At the point when Julio chose to back Merlano, she presently not required Roberto.

Roberto Gerlein, a moderate lawmaker, died on Thursday in the emergency unit the Clinica del Caribe, a notable center north of Barranquilla. Subsequent to going to a wellbeing community because of a decaying urinary plot disease, the previous senator died at 83.

Gerlein is a work law master and an alum of the Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá. He is a representative for the Republic and an individual from the Conservative Party.

During the public authority of Belisario Betancur, she likewise filled in as Minister of Economic Development. He is likewise the legislative head of the branch of Atlántico and an individual from the Colombian House of Representatives for the equivalent.

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Gerlein’s voice has consistently conveyed weight and acknowledgment in legislative discussions, especially on financial plan and asset portion worries along the Caribbean coast.

Roberto Gerlein’s total assets starting at 2021 is assessed to be around $10M – $20M. In any case, this assessment depends on his vocation and calling: Colombian attorney and lawmaker Roberto Victor Gerlein Echeverria.

He was chosen for the Colombian Senate in 1974 and is the longest-serving and most senior individual from the Conservative Party. Roberto has additionally filled in as a Member of the Chamber of Representatives (1968–1974), the tenth Colombian Minister of Economic Development, and the 42nd Governor of Atlántico during his long political profession.