Prior to joining his more youthful brother, Pablo, and running the monetary side of the undertaking during the cartel’s ascent and fall, he was a cyclist. Roberto was detained for north of 10 years until being liberated in 2006.

Roberto could never again ride a bicycle after a letter-bomb burst in one of his eyes while in jail during the 1990s.

Who Is Roberto Escobar Wife Claudia? Roberto Escobar has had two relationships. Claudia Azcárraga was his subsequent marriage.

In the media, there isn’t a ton of data on her. Neither an affirmed source nor an unverified source has uncovered anything about them.

They were an incredibly cryptic couple who never talked with regards to their own lives.

What Is Pablo Escobar Blind Brother Net Worth? Roberto Escobar is a multimillionaire with a total assets of $20 million.

He is the killed drug master Pablo Escobar’s brother and the previous bookkeeper and prime supporter of the Medelln Cartel, which was answerable for up to 80% of the cocaine moved into the United States.

Roberto was detained for his part in the Medelln Cartel’s tasks. He and his brother got away in July 1992, however he gave up to specialists a year after the fact. A letter bomb dazed him in one eye on December 18, 1993, while he was as yet in jail.

In 2006, he was delivered after over 10 years in jail. Escobar recounts his story as the cartel’s head bookkeeper in the 2009 book The Accountant’s Story.

The book incorporates a few fascinating facts, for example, the cartel losing billions of dollars away because of rodents or water harm and the cartel spending up to $2,500 every month on elastic groups to hold piles of cash together.

Roberto Escobar Children And Family Roberto Escobar has two kids from his first marriage, Nicolás, and José Roberto. In 1999, José Roberto was killed.

Abel de Jesus Escobar Echeverri and Hermilda Gaviria were his folks.

He is the most youthful of six kin. Pablo Escobar, Luis Fernando Escobar Gaviria, Alba Escobar Gaviria, Gloria Inés Escobar Gaviria, Argemiro Escobar Gaviria, and Luz Mara Escobar are among the individuals who have been captured.