Raynor was discovered dead with ‘I Touch Little Girls’ written in his chest. In like manner, his stomach was written with ‘I take dolls in my space for young ladies age 1-5’ by a dark wizardry marker.


Other than the two stunning messages, there was another inadequate message as well. Raynor’s right leg had the letters ‘I Touch’. Besides, he had cuts on his brow and eyes.

Right now, the examination is being directed by the New York Police Department (NYPD). Ideally, they will reveal more insight into the murder.

According to the online tribute, Robert Raynor died the evening of 18 July 2021 at his condo in Staten Island.

His passing was an absolute murder however the real reason is as yet unclear. As indicated by The New York Post, Raynor’s expired body was found by his neighbors.

Isaac Williams, his higher up neighbor called the police in the wake of seeing him dead in the foyer of the loft. He has referenced that Robert had just worn jeans and his arms were over the head as though he was hauled.

The messages on Raynor’s body address the possibility of him being a pedophile. Notwithstanding, his name isn’t found on any state’s online library of a sex wrongdoer.

Robert had an aggregate of 24 captures on his name. Just the four cases were unlocked which incorporates 3 records of attacks and 1 of medication ownership.

Robert Raynor was 80 years of age at the hour of his passing.

He was born either in 1940 or 1941. He lived in a condo at 250 Corson Ave on Staten Island, New York.

Raynor was an American resident and had white identity. He was old and he could scarcely leave or lift his hands up while he was killed.

“I touch little girls” written on his chest 😮 “I take dolls in my room for girls age 1-5” on his stomach

Arrested 24 times…

“Corson” = 3-x-3

— Floyd Maxwell (@justthinkit) July 21, 2021

Robert Raynor had a spouse eventually in his life.

Nonetheless, apparently he was separated. He has a child named Thayer Raynor who is stunned by his demise.

Raynor was antagonized from his family. He remained with his 3 female family members: a lady in her 30s with two kids at the Corson Ave.

Robert Raynor was not dynamic on Facebook.

However, the information on his destruction is making a buzz via web-based media. Individuals are upset by the conditions encompassing his passing.