Robert Pattinson has been cast as Batman (or, depending on which report you read, is the front-runner), and he’s a perfect choice. Warner Brothers’ films based on DC Comics superheroes have had their fair share of ups and downs. The behind-the-scenes shakeups that plagued Justice League have become legendary, and fans continue to demand the release of the nigh-mythical “Snyder Cut” of that film. Fortunately, the remarkable box office performance of Aquaman and critical success of Shazam! have allowed the DC Comics film brand to experience a creative rebirth.

Perhaps no DC movie has had as much backstage turmoil as the long-in-development solo Batman movie. In 2014, Ben Affleck was said to be involved with writing, directing, and starring in a Batman solo film, in addition to his role in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, after his turn in Justice League (and a cameo appearance in Suicide Squad), Affleck dropped out, not only of writing and directing a Batman solo film, but of playing the role entirely. Now, the solo Batman film, to be directed by Matt Reeves (War for the Planet of the Apes), has narrowed down its search for a leading man.

After years of searching, the role of Batman has reportedly been narrowed down to several actors; as of this writing, Robert Pattinson is the favorite to win the part. And, with his long history of character roles interspersed with one of the biggest blockbuster franchises of the 21st century, Robert Pattinson might just be the perfect choice to be the next Dark Knight.

Robert Pattinson Is An Arthouse A-Lister Who’s Worked With Many Great Directors

To legions of fans across multiple generations, Robert Pattinson is best known for his role as the vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise, but even before that series ended in 2012, he has spent most of his career building a reputable name for himself as a journeyman actor, capable of playing any type of character, from youthful heartthrobs to rugged hustlers and stoic loners.

Between movies like High Life, Maps to the Stars, and Cosmopolis, Pattinson has more than proven that there’s no character he can’t play, and he has established himself as a prized player for auteur filmmakers. He’s worked with some of the most high-minded directors like Claire Denis and James Gray, legends of their trade like David Cronenberg and Werner Herzog; Cronenberg even had Pattinson to star in a second film after Cosmopolis, so Pattinson’s role in Maps to the Stars is a sure sign that he’s an actor who is adored by directors.

Perhaps the biggest test for Pattinson will come with his role in Christopher Nolan’s mysterious new film. The film’s title is being kept secret for now, but if Pattinson gets a stamp of approval from the director of one of the most acclaimed comic book trilogies of all time, The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Robert Pattinson Is A Charming And Likable Actor - Perfect To Lead A Franchise

Part of the reason why Pattinson has gotten so much work over the years (he’s starring in no less than four films in 2019 alone) is because he’s a charming and affable figure. He’s known to be playful and irreverent during interviews, and does not mind poking fun at himself. A quick Google search will uncover no shortage of wonderful interviews with Pattinson joking around and generally proving himself to be a relatable human being, and not the stuffy thespian type one might expect.

Perhaps Pattinson’s likability comes from the wide variety of roles he’s played over the years. From franchise fare like Harry Potter and – of course – Twilight, to cinephile fodder like The Lost City of Z and Good Time, Pattinson has proven his chops to a wide variety of moviegoers. There will surely be a legion of online naysayers who will cry foul at his casting the way they cried foul at the casting of Heath Ledger and other unexpected choices, but that can’t be avoided - but holds little water.

The Twilight Effect On Batman

The biggest target on Pattinson’s back comes from his most famous role, that of the hundred-year-old vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight series. Based on the novel series by Stephenie Meyer, Twilight became a massive blockbuster success, with the five-film series grossing an incredible $3.3 billion worldwide. While they were far from critically-acclaimed, Twilight was a worldwide phenomenon and turned their cast into global superstars. Even Pattinson, who had already played a supporting role in the Harry Potter film series, was surely unprepared for the fame he earned as Edward.

For his part, Pattinson spent quite a few years trying to shake off the perceived stigma of Twilight, frequently brushing off the films as nonsensical drivel. However, recent years have seen him pivot on his feelings towards the franchise, to the point of even weighing the possibility of returning as Edward in a spinoff. While the vocal online hatedom of Twilight remains strong, it’s easily outdone by the continuing outreach from the franchise’s loyal fandom. Surely, Warner Brothers is banking on that fandom to turn out for Pattinson’s debut as Batman.

In fact, just looking at the Twilight series, elements from Pattinson’s tenure as Edward Cullen could inform his potential performance as Gotham City’s most notorious vigilante.

Robert Pattinson Can Be Dark And Brooding

Batman is a grim and bitter character, a ruthless night stalker who breaks the bones of criminals and goes up against psychotic super villains like The Joker and Two-Face. He’s stoic against the madness of his broken city, but also bears the impossible responsibility of his endless quest to make his city a safe place for its innocent civilians.

Batman is often characterized as dark and brooding; without even getting into his extensive resume beyond Twilight, Pattinson’s role as Edward Cullen could certainly be described as that. The whirlwind romance between Edward and Bella has no shortage of the type of gloriously overwrought melodrama which actually fits reasonably well within Batman’s wheelhouse.

But that ignores the decade of performances since. Stoic and tortured in High Life, righteous yet pressured in Good Time, and removed billionaire in Cosmopolis; even if the last angle is a bit on the nose (although Eric Packer is hardly Bruce Wayne), Pattinson has the range to deliver on every aspect of Batman, from the tortured superhero to the playboy facade.


Director Matt Reeves has proven himself with his Planet of the Apes films, and his The Batman, due in June 2021, will inevitably be one of the most highly-anticipated films of that year. And, once he hits the gym and bulks up, Robert Pattinson will be the perfect Batman for the new generation.

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