The newly revealed Robert Pattinson Batsuit has given The Batman the chance to use a similar storytelling technique as The Mandalorian. Since the first footage of the new Batman outfit hit the internet, fans’ curiosity has been piqued. Some are concerned with the gun-like chest symbol while others have debated the appearance of the eyes. What hasn’t been considered is the story functionality of the suit, which may be utilized similarly to the Disney+ hit series The Mandalorian.

In the Star Wars series, Mando’s armor is important to the progression of his character. He begins the show with a rusted, pieced-together outfit. It looks amateur to say the least, but as he succeeded at his work and developed as an individual, he gained improvements to his garb. Eventually by the end of the first season, he is decked out in a brand new set made from Beskar, a rare metal that is held sacred to the Mandalorians and their culture.

Reflecting character progression in costuming is not a new concept, but The Mandalorian was able to reinvent the trope to deepen the series’ world-building and flesh out the inscrutable lead character’s development. During the plot of The Batman or its sequels, DC’s creative team could adopt the same technique with the Batsuit.

Din Djarin appears more put together and heroic by the end, something that Bruce Wayne could learn from. As recent plot details have stated, this specific version of the Dark Knight is only in his second year of crime fighting. His outfit appears like a prototype, looking like a conglomeration of different pieces and small details.  This is unlikely to be his final suit, and from what has been seen it is arguably one of the most practical of the bunch when comparing it to previous big screen portrayals of Batman. Because of this it is not out of the question that he will make some modifications as he grows personally.

Should this incarnation of Batman see multiple films, there is plenty of storytelling potential to be had through his narrative and his armor. As he matures and becomes a seasoned crime fighter, his appearance should reflect that. There is no real unity in his suit at this juncture, indicating that he is still working out kinks overall. There seems to be easy accessibility to upgrades down the line, like a comic-accurate cape, which could coincide nicely with his personal journey as a character. It enhanced not only the aesthetics of the Mandalorian as a character, but supplemented his character evolution as well.

In the DC universe, the Batsuit is an extension of Bruce Wayne himself, which is no different from a Mandalorian’s armor in Star Wars. Therefore, it would only make sense for Robert Pattinson’s take on the Caped Crusader to connect his character progression to his crime-fighting uniform. This kind of subtext could only serve to boost the overall story of The Batman, just as it did with The Mandalorian. It gives the costume a life of its own, which few Batman films have focused on. Following the successful execution of such a story mechanic in the Star Wars universe, it may be in the best interest of those behind DC films to do the same.

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