The first look at Robert Pattinson’s costume for The Batman has been revealed, and it shows how the actor’s take on the Dark Knight is already proving his critics wrong. With Ben Affleck stepping down from the role of Batman, Matt Reeves has cast Pattinson as his Batman for the DC movie set to be released on 25 June, 2021. Anyone chosen for the role of Batman is going to be met with skepticism, but that was particularly the case for Pattinson.

While Robert Pattinson has spent the past decade making a string of appearances in highly-acclaimed indies, proving himself a great actor in a variety of challenging and different roles, he’s still remembered by most for playing Edward Cullen in Twilight. While his roles should have allowed him to shake off the unfair damage done to his reputation, that wasn’t the case among some fans when Pattinson was announced as the new Batman.

As well as his past franchise history, another sticking point for Pattinson’s doubters was his build. Pattinson certainly has the height for the role at 6'1", but he’s got a relatively slender frame that left a lot of people unsure of whether he was a good physical match for the part, or at least worried about how he’d be able to bulk up enough, and just how he’d look in the costume. While we’re yet to see just how good Pattinson’s performance will be, the first look at his Batsuit at least puts one criticism to bed. Donning a heavily armored, Arkham-inspired Batman suit, Pattinson looks absolutely great as the Dark Knight.

Admittedly it’s just a costume test rather than the full thing, and there’s more to come in that regard, but the first look at Pattinson’s Batsuit shouldn’t leave much room for criticism about his appearance. He looks every bit a true Batman in the cowl (and presumably cape, although this isn’t clear in the test footage), and while it may look a bit different in motion, it’s also clear that he (and the suit) won’t have any issues when it comes to physically looking the part as well.

While some fans may have had concerns about Pattinson as Batman - and others undoubtedly still do - the costume reveal has largely been very well-received, and met with a general mood for excitement for The Batman, the Batsuit, and Pattinson’s performance. Thanks to his roles in the likes of Good Time, High Life, and The Lighthouse, the idea of Pattinson giving a great turn as the Caped Crusader seems pretty likely. It’s good to see that with an excellent costume reveal that really builds the hype for his take on the iconic DC character, he is truly starting to prove wrong anyone who doubted he was the right fit for the role, and get more and more fans on board for his take Batman.

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