Set photos from The Batman have revealed something very strange about Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit - what’s going on with his gauntlets? Matt Reeves, director of The Batman, took to social media to give audiences their first look at the new Batman costume. He likely knew he was about to start filming on location and set photos were sure to flood the Internet.

First reactions to Pattinson’s Batsuit have been mixed. The stitched cowl is a nice touch, allowing Pattinson a degree of flexibility in the neck that earlier Batsuits have lacked, but the mysterious goggles have taken some fans by surprise. The Bat-symbol on Batman’s chest is unique and distinctive, filled in with pieces of metal fans have speculated may actually be the gun Joe Chill used to kill Bruce Wayne’s parents. But perhaps the most controversial element are the gauntlets.

Pattinson’s Batsuit is clearly a form of body-armor rather than Batman’s usual fabric, and the gauntlets look as though they serve some sort of specific function. Something appears to be strapped to the back of each hand, a piece of fabric with five metal rods fastened in. Whatever this may be, it’s held in place by three large straps that go around Batman’s arms, with the edges giving Batman an unusual version of his traditional gloves. Batman has never worn anything remotely like this in the comics before, and it’s understandably proved quite a divisive new element.

Aesthetically, The Batman appears to be heavily influenced by the Arkham Asylum games. That raises the possibility these are electro-shock gauntlets of the type worn by the Executioner in Arkham Asylum. It would be an interesting touch, giving Batman a close-combat weapon that allowed him to neutralize opponents at speed; Reeves is believed to be focusing on Batman as a detective rather than an action hero, so that would work. The problem with this particular theory, however, is that this is supposed to be Year Two for Batman; thus the Dark Knight is yet to develop his extensive inventory. It would seem rather odd if a Batman who rides a Batcycle rather than a Batmobile has never-before-seen equipment.

A second possibility is this is some sort of ranged weapon with five metal darts inserted into pneumatic propellants. That would be a crude technology, more suited to Year Two Batman. There’s no comic book precedent for Batman using such a weapon, but it would fit with the fact the fabric is elevated, meaning Batman could easily pivot his wrist out of the way of the projectiles in order to fire them. While Batman has never used this technology in the comics, it has previously been adopted by the legendary Talons who serve the Court of Owls. It would be no surprise to see Batman adapt one of Gotham’s most terrifying legends into the design of his Batsuit.

One final possibility is that these could be removable tips for Batman’s grapple gun, allowing the Dark Knight to swing across the Gotham skyline. It’s true set photos are yet to show any sign of the grapple gun, but the costume contains a number of pouches, and one of them could easily hold the device. Whatever the truth may be, it’s unlikely to be revealed for quite some time; the odds of a set photo or video just happening to show this in use are quite slim. Hopefully an answer will be provided in The Batman’s inevitable and eagerly-anticipated trailer.

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