You’ve probably heard by now (unless you live under a rock) that Robert Pattinson will be playing the next Batman in 2021. While previous Batman Christian Bale and director Matt Reeves have shown undying support for Pattinson, there are still some fans on the fence. In case you still think of this actor as only the sparkly vampire, Edward Cullen, we’re here to change your mind. This versatile and brilliant man has been making waves in Hollywood ever since the Twilight franchise, but he’s definitely been a driving force the past couple of years. To prepare for the next Batman, and to get a good dose of this amazingly talented heartthrob, we thought we’d make a list of his best movies. Here are his top 10, according to IMDb.

Waiting for the Barbarians (2019) - 6.3/10

This is a pretty new flick, and this drama clearly did pretty decent. Starring along Mark Rylance and Johnny Depp, this movie tells the story of a Magistrate who is working in a distant outpost. However, he quickly begins to question his loyalty to his empire. Pattinson is Officer Mandel, and is one of the main secondary characters in this film. This movie is pretty intirguing, and is definitely different from any film we’ve seen. In fact, it’s an Italian film, so we think it’s time to expand your horizons.

The Rover (2014) - 6.4/10

This crime drama takes place 10 years after a global economic collapse. A lonely man pursue his only prized possession in the wasteland: his car. However, in his journey he comes across the thief’s brother, and their bond becomes complicated and interesting as their adventure continues. Starring Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson, these two are pretty phenomenal, and this is definitely an intriguing dystopian flick.

Little Ashes (2008) - 6.5/10

This biography romance drama tells the story of artist Salvador Dali, filmmaker Luis Bunuel, and writer Federico Garcia Lorca. Directed by Paul Morison, Robert Pattinson stars with Javier Beltran and Matthew McNulty. This film follows their lives and loves in the 1920s, and definitely makes for an intriguing historical flick.

Plus, the acting is pretty impressive, but that shouldn’t be surprising. We definitely suggest tuning in for an artsy, romantic, and biographical treat.

The Lost City of Z (2016) - 6.6/10

Water for Elephants (2011) - 6.9/10

This flick is probably one of the most surreal and visually stunning romance dramas we’ve ever seen. Robert Pattinson plays a veterinary student who takes a job with a travelling circus. However, his life becomes more complicated when he falls in love with the ringmaster’s wife (Reese Witherspoon).

These two are breathtaking, and this film will make you feel like you’re in the 1930s travelling in a circus with them. You can also find Christopher Waltz in the midst, and you’ll probably also fall in love with Pattinson (again).

Remember Me (2010) - 7.1/10

This is another romance drama that managed to do pretty well with the critics. Pattinson is Tyler, a young troubled man dealing with life after his brother committed suicide and his parents divorced. He meets Ally (Emilie de Ravin), a high-spirited woman living life to the fullest after her mother’s murder. This movie is tragic, heart-warming, and totally intriguing. Plus, we won’t spoil it, but the twist at the end might ruin you for days. We all love a romance flick with a good twist, regardless how devastating.

Good Time (2017) - 7.3/10

This crime drama is another different role for Pattinson. He plays Connie Nikas, a young man who struggles with the fact that his younger brother is in prison because of a bank robbery gone wrong. So, he embarks on an adventure into NYC’s criminal underworld to help get his brother out of jail. Starring alongside Benny Safdie and Jennifer Jason Leigh, this movie is devastating, intense, and totally worth it. Plus, Pattinson slays this role, as we’re sure all of you would expect.

The King (2019) - 7.4/10

This is a pretty new Netflix Original. This biography war drama tells the true story of the reign of King Henry V (Timothee Chalamet). This movie includes his rise to the throne after his tyrannical father dies, and how this young man navigates the politics of the war that his father left him. In a battle with France, this film includes the historical battle of this man’s reign.

Robert Pattinson plays the French prince, the Dauphin, and honestly, this role is absolutely mesmerizing. It’s terrifying, hilarious, and a total scene-stealer. The entire cast and crew should pat themselves on the back, but we’re obsessed with Robert’s role. Seriously, go watch it.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) - 7.7/10

Forget Twilight, we all know and love this man from Harry Potter, right? Right. In the fourth movie of the franchise, Pattinson plays Cedric Diggory. This is the movie with the wizard’s tournament, and there’s whole lot of Robert to love in this flick. Honestly, he’s made Cedric an iconic character, and regardless how much this heartthrob has grown up, this role will always have a special place in our hearts. Plus, it’s actually a highly-rated flick according to IMDb, so you should probably go re-watch it. We know you could use a dose of nostalgia and young Robert Pattinson.

The Lighthouse (2019) - 8.3/10

If you couldn’t separate Robert from Edward Cullen before, you definitely forgot all about that sparkly vampire after this film. Willem Dafoe is a grumpy veteran, and Robert Pattinson is a young hothead, and these two lighthouse-keepers are assigned to a remote island. By A24 Studios, this black-and-white film is hallucinatory, hilarious, hypnotic, and totally thrilling. These two are brilliant, and this wild-ride of a film was worth every second. Fair warning, you’ll definitely be feel pretty wrecked afterwards, but in the best possible way. We don’t disagree with this rating one bit.