O’Dubaine had gotten two shots in his mind and neck. The police had shown up at the scene once a neighbor detailed hearing shots. In reality, Robert was killed in his condo in the Bucktown neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois. He used to live with his sweetheart, Catherine Suh, there.


The police moved toward Catherine for cross examination. After their examination, they found that she and her brother Andrew were associated with the homicide. The specialists discovered that Suh was the recipient of the life coverage strategy of Robert.

Likewise, it was uncovered that she spurred Andrew to kill Robert. She had revealed to him Robert was liable for their mom’s passing. The two kin arranged Robert’s homicide as soon he got back in the evening. It was Andrew who really shot O’Dubaine twice.

Andrew Suh is restricted at Dixon Correctional Center starting today. Suh has been there since he was accused of first-degree murder and furnished theft. He was sentenced in 1995.

Then again, Suh set aside no effort to admit all his blame. He was condemned to 80 years in jail for his charges. Additionally, he has been beyond reach of his sister for quite a long while at this point. He apparently associated her to be liable with the passing of their mom.

Strangely, Andrew has chipped in inside the jail. He means to fabricate a superior future lamenting every one of the exercises he did before. Catherine Suh is today serving her time at Logan Correctional Center.  Suh is no longer with her brother, albeit the two of them are detained in Illinois.

To call attention to, Catherine is currently serving life in jail without the chance of parole for homicide. What’s more, she has 30 years of sentence for burglary. Suh was accused of first-degree murder and furnished theft identified with the demise of her ex Robert.

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Robert O’Dubaine isn’t on Wikipedia as of now. O’Dubaine’s eulogy and case have been shrouded in various articles on the web. In reality, Dateline has as of late covered Robert’s case. The NBC narrative named Twisted Loyalty debuted on July 16, 2021.