In the wake of serving his time for the passing of Virginia, he burned through no time in getting his subsequent casualty.

This time, specialists were not really able to observe his follows as he covered himself well.

Following 12 years of looking, he at long last got captured in December 2021.

Presently, he anticipates his prison sentence briefly time.

Robert Lindsey Mooregot captured on Friday for the homicide of Glenna White. He got charged for his wrongdoings 12 years later he perpetrated them.

— Charley Project (@CharleysMissing) October 26, 2020

Us marshalls indicted the man on charges of irritated homicide and assault.

In 2009, he gave the teen a ride to her home however a diversion. He proceeded to assault and murder her without hesitating.

Family members of the denounced saw him an hour after the fact coved in blood and mud however never announced the episode.

Unfortunately, her body has still not ready to be recuperated. Later the virus case opened, an inquiry party got dispatched, expecting to track down her body They even utilized dead body canines.

Till now, there is still no advancement.

Robert Lindsey Moore is an American individual for the United States. Obviously, it’s not his first offense.

— PHMCWeb (@HelpMissing) August 27, 2009

Profound plunging into his past, investigators discovered that he got sentenced for the murder of 22 years of age Virginia Lecorchick in 1993.

Comparably to White, she got pounded into the ground. The jury condemned him to 10 to 25 years in jail.

Fortunately her body was found in Lake Berlin by summer at Lexington Township and got back to her family.

Robert Lindsey Moore isn’t hitched starting at 2021. As he burns through the vast majority of his childhood in jail, it would be an amazement in the event that he had a spouse.

Robert Lindsey Moore was the last person to see White when she was alive.

Relatives saw Moore about an hour after it was believed that Glenna was alive

— Franky Rose Crime Time .. Retweet Queen (@FrankyRose12) December 19, 2021

For sure, he appears to have a liming to more youthful young ladies as his casualties ate young ladies beneath the get of 25.

Moreover, he imparts a cozy relationship to his family as they shunned detailing his violations even in the wake of seeing his bloodied figure upon the arrival of the homicide.

As the preliminary proceeds, we will track down additional with regards to his whereabouts throughout the previous 12 years alongside his refuge places.