Robert Lamay was born on 24th June 1971 in Upland, a city in San Bernardino County, California, United States. Nonetheless, there is no data about his folks, kin, or previous existence that has been revealed at this point. Robert finished his tutoring at Keller High School in Texas. He went to The Ocean Corporation for additional studies and got guaranteed as a submerged welder in March 1994.

Robert got going his vocation as a cop in 1999 with Washington State Petrol. He moved to Bremerton on September 7, 2004, to Union Gap in the Commercial Vehicle division on February 6, 2006. He got back to the field Operations Bearue in December 2012 and was arranged in Ellensburg. Robert moved to Yakima in 2014 and served the state for right around 22 years and left the occupation in 2021. He left the occupation since he would have rather not get immunized for Coronavirus and rather decide to land terminated from the position.

There is no data accessible at this point about his significant other or kids, however we will get it to you as quickly as time permits. Robert caught the media consideration and got savaged by individuals when he wouldn’t get inoculated against COVID 19. He turned into a legend against vaxxers in October when he went against the state request and became one of numerous troopers to lose their work over it. There was a request for each cop to get immunized and Robert resisted it as he didn’t confide in the immunization.

He posted a video of him wherein he said that he didn’t trust in the vaccination, paying little heed to overwhelming confirmation that it is secured and effective at preventing outrageous disease. Robert resisted the request and said Seattle Gov. Jay Inslee ought to kiss his a**, moreover said the public authority should not to be ordering vaccinations. Robert’s absurdity brought about his passing because of COVID-19 issues. He died at 51 years old in January 2022.

There is no web-based media presence of Robert LaMay, he didn’t utilize web-based media stages like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.Rober t had served the Washington state as a cop for over twenty years, he brought in a respectable measure of cash. Be that as it may, there is no data about his definite total assets at this point.

Robert was an otherworldly individual, he additionally accepted that God out to have been offered him hint that the antibody is of some kind safe and he can take it. He was a valiant and a promising cop, he was even named District 3’s Commercial Vehicle division Trooper. Robert was talented and had a gathering of responsibilities, including Armorer, Certified Reconstructions, and Drug affirmation ace.