Robert Kurlander is distinguished as one individuals selling Ashley Biden’s journal. He is a companion of Aimee Harris, who held hands together to purportedly pass the journal to Project Veritas. It is observed that both of them were long-term companions and previous housemates.

As found from media source Twitter, Robert has invested his energy in jail previously. As indicated by Cengizadabag, in 1994, Kurlander was accused of a government illegal tax avoidance wrongdoing over 20 years prior.

Moreover, Robert’s companion Harris likewise has a record of criminal allegations as Harris was imprisoned for connivance charges in a medication related tax evasion plot. Thus, the last option got a sentence of 40 months detainment.

It is observed that the home Ashley was residing in before was subsequently gotten by Aimee Harris. What’s more she was the person who observed the note pad which initially had a place with President Biden’s little girl, who incidentally forgot there.

Consequently, Aimee and her companion Robert, who was recently related to initials A.H. also R.K, were blamed for exploiting that journal. It so occurred as Robert’s companion Aimee was a Trump ally and maybe the two of them needed to break up Biden’s name.

— Recite Social (@ReciteSocial) December 16, 2021

The insights concerning Robert Kurlander’s better half have not yet been investigated in virtual stages. Other than his association with Ashley Biden’s journal, his own data including his folks and kids have not been advanced on the web.

Very much like his family subtleties, Robert Kurlander’s age likewise stays neglected on the web. We just discovered that Robert is an American as he is a Florida occupant. There is no Wikipedia page built under Robert Kurlander’s name. Be that as it may, his contribution in this journal case has acquired him sufficient inclusion.