Other than all the expert work, Robert is renowned as the ex of an Emmy Award-winning news reporter Chris Jansing.


The examination researcher is very cryptic, so his initial life subtleties are as yet ailing in the media. It appears as though Robert is in his 60’s right now.

Despite the fact that Robert stays quiet about his own data, we have figured out how to compose more and less data about the gifted researcher Robert Jansing.

Robert’s conspicuousness rises soon after he imparted his private life to Chris Ann Kapostasy (Jansing). The 63-years of age Chris is a TV news reporter who fills in as a senior public journalist for MSNBC.

Chris likewise facilitated a MSNBC show Jansing and Company, from 2010 to 2014.

How and when Chris met Robert is as yet hazy. Be that as it may, when the two tied the wedding hitch in 1982, they were one of the fan top choices couples all around the media.

Kapostsy and Jansing strolled down the walkway secretly before their shut ones as it were.

All was going great; they were living happily and were sharing a decent bond as an ideal love accomplice. Chris was partaking in her relationship.

She additionally utilized her wedded last name. Be that as it may, their relationship was fleeting, and they separated their relationship comprising of a few hopeless contrasts. Their separation date is likewise a secret for everybody.

After the shocking detachment from Chris, Robert keeps himself far away from the spotlight. He talks next to no about his personal daily routine subtleties and appears as though he is experiencing a solitary life right now. Robert is occupied with his expert work, thus do Chris.

Chris additionally likes to keep herself individual after she separated in her relationship with Robert.

In any case, after the partition, Chris has not changed her last name (Jansing), which demonstrates that she actually enjoys her separated from spouse.

More than dating somebody, both (Chris and Robert) invest their quality energy on their expert work. The two of them are partaking in their work.

Moreover, it seems like the two of them are currently embracing a positive outlook and are sharing a decent bond as wonderful companions.

The mystery fellow Robert has additionally not uncovered his total assets. In any case, we can gauge that the researcher may be partaking in a total assets of around $700 thousand.

According to Payscale, the typical compensation of examination researchers in the United States of America is $81,153 per annum.

Then again, Robert’s ex Chris Jansing has a total assets of $4 million altogether, which she has collected all through her expert profession as a Television news journalist.


Prior to filling in as a news journalist, she used to work at a radio broadcast WIPS in New York. She is currently filling in as a senior public reporter for the organization’s link division, MSNBC, close by writer Brian Williams.

According to the sources, a news reporter who deals with MSNBC makes a yearly pay between $44 thousand – $126 thousand.

Another writer Andy Hubbard likewise partakes in a total assets of $5.2 million. For the data, analyst Frances Townsend is additionally procuring appropriate acknowledgment in the media.