What Did Robert James Needham? Robert James Needham shot his exquisite accomplice Kelly Fitzgibbons, 40, in the short proximity prior to shooting on himself. An examination was informed the way that the family had got a focal point conveyed to their home on the primary Saturday evening of the Covid lockdown in 2020.


Needham likewise participated in a family FaceTime call before the two young ladies were put to their bed. The following day, Kelly’s uncle, Ronald Peacock, additionally tracked down the bodies at the remote home in the town of Woodmancote, West Sussex.

He additionally told the consultation how he had move through an open window into the couple’s room in the wake of hearing from Needham’s mom; Mr. Peacock likewise said: “I understood I could see Ava’s head on the bed, under the duvet. The two young ladies laying one next to the other in the bed. “I could see Kelly on the floor, close to the entryway. Ransack was on the floor in the passage. “I moved through the window.

The uncle likewise told how he found Needham lying in the lobby with the shotgun, which had a 3ft barrel, pointed in his mind. The family’s canine Billy was likewise dead, with Mr. Peacock calling 999 preceding getting back to the house.

For what reason Did Needham Murder His Family? While it isn’t known why Needham killed his loved ones. In any case, according to reports, Robert involved cocaine a long time before the lockdown was forced.

He attempted two times to purchase the medication long prior to killing his loved ones. Legal toxicologist Dr. John Slaughter additionally told the consultation Needham was not affected by cocaine or liquor but rather might have been experiencing withdrawal side effects.

Loved ones detailed no kind of pressure between the couple and there were no reports of monetary troubles. Texts likewise showed pressures between the couple however the examination was informed essentially nothing remained to be recommended “brutality or give any motivation to the ensuing insensitive activities of Robert”.

Robert James Needham Age, Family, and Early Life Robert James Needham age was 42 years of age at the hour of his demise. While his folks, as well as kin subtleties, are not known at this point.

However, Robert is known for offing himself and his better half and two girls. Robert James Needham Career, What was his calling? His work and occupation subtleties have not been opened up.

Robert James Needham Net Worth, How much does he procure? Robert James Needham’s total assets figure is under the wraps. Which school/school did he go to? What was his major? His scholarly subtleties have not been revealed.

Robert James Needham Wife, What about his relationship? Robert James was hitched to his better half; Kelly Fitzgibbons. The team additionally had two delightful girls; Ava and Lexi. His web-based entertainment reach His web-based entertainment locales couldn’t be followed at the hour of distributing this article.