In 2008, Landowski, who was 15 at that point, was physically attacked and cut absurdly multiple times at her home. Her life was a bad dream, particularly given her set of experiences of injury, and her homicide case broke everybody’s hearts.

Meghan had been controlled by Hicke, who had severely attacked her as a juvenile. Her low instructive adequacy and discontent as a result of the occasions had been perceived by all.

Find out about Dateline: Robert Hickey Murdered Meghan Landowski In Portsmouth Robert Hickey killed Navy mariner Chris Shortt’s progression girl Meghan Landowski in their Portsmouth, Virginia home on April 10, 2008.

Meghan was 16 years of age, and there seemed to have been a fight in which she continued to battle, in view of the homicide scene. The executioner utilized a blade from the family’s kitchen, as indicated by the source.

It was found in a drain down the road. The killer was obscure to the specialists, however they thought it was an individual assault on the grounds that the casualty knew her executioner.

Chris and Angie Shortt associated Robert with killing her, so they cautioned NCIS at Naval Station Norfolk, where the denounced was questioned.

Meghan’s folks remained by her while she sought after allegations against Robert, yet they later found from regular citizen specialists that Hickey’s activities were minors in Virginia, and he would be condemned to a maximum of a year in prison.

Robert Hickey Wikipedia Is Missing Robert Hickey is yet to get recorded on the Wikipedia page notwithstanding his notorious crook act.

According to the source, he was a tactical man on his excursion to the position of Captain when he was accused of inappropriate behavior by Meghan.

NCIS trusts Robert, a dear companion, arranged Meghan for sexual movement. Loot started grabbing her when she was 14, and by the age of 15, she was taking part in sexual movement with a 30-year-elderly person, as per the person in question.

Whenever a principal from Meghan’s school transport driver coordinated Robert Barnes’ improvement inside everything going on, the case took a total 180-degree turn. Barnes was Landowski’s colleague and close amigo.

Meghan Landowski Family Facts Meghan Landowski was raised by her mom, Angela Shortt, and stepfather, Chris Shortt. Her family initially has a place with Virginia.


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Her siblings were Elizabeth Gable and Corey Landowski. Her family members described her as a well disposed and friendly individual.

Angela and Chris Shortt were frantic to find Meghan’s executioner once Robert Barnes was captured. They were elated when Barnes admitted blameworthy to all charges and was sentenced to 42 years in prison in 2009.

From that point forward, Angela and Chris have chosen to stay out of the spotlight and have stayed under the radar on friendly locales.