Robert Herjavec Net Worth

Robert Herjavec, based in Canada, is an investor, businessman, and television sensation who has a total net worth of 200 million dollars. His main popularity comes from the famous tv channel Shark tank where he along with his colleagues assesses startups and small businesses put forward by candidates trying to convince the panel to invest in their company. 

Early Life

According to Robert, His family arrived in Canada with a single suitcase and only 20 dollars. They had to immigrate since Robert’s father spoke against communism and was often persecuted for his words. In Canada, the family was faced with huge problems, both social as well as financial. They had to reside in the basement of a house for over a year after immigrating. After moving to Toronto, Robert Herjavec’s dad worked in a factory and he went to a school located nearby. Since he hardly spoke any English, he was often bullied by his peers. Robert graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in political sciences and literature. However, these qualifications did not enable him to be applicable for high-paying jobs. Rather, Robert found out that to support his family he had to do small jobs like delivering newspapers, waiting on tables, and many other such minimum wage jobs.

First experience with Cyber Security

Soon Robert started working as a third assistant director in the film industry. However, the work was irregular and there was no certainty of payment. Therefore to keep his paychecks coming in, Robert Herjavec started applying to a diverse variety of jobs in multiple fields. Ultimately he found one that required selling computer parts for a company named Logiquest. Even though he was not qualified for the job, he managed to convince the management to allow him on board with an unpaid internship of 6 months. With time and dedication, he showed his worth and was promoted. to the post of general manager.

Roberts’s first company

After working for some time in Logiquest, Robert Herjevec left the company in 1990 so that he could create his organization. This new company was called BRAK Systems, it’s specialty lay in internet security systems and software. Within its first ten years, the company boomed, and finally, it was purchased by AT and T Canada in 2000. for more than 30 million dollars. After this massive success, Robert decided on a break and took up the position of VP of sales at the company Ramp network. However, soon in the year 2003 he started building another business.

The next great success

After the break, Robert set up “The Herjavec Group” This company aimed to provide internet security and service. Although in the first year sales were not too promising at $400,000. However, soon the company took off. It is estimated, that by 2017 The Heverjec Group was making 200 million dollars in annual revenue. It even ranked as the fastest-growing software company in Canada in 2020.

From an Entrepreneur to a Tv personality

Robert Herjevec has appeared on multiple tv shows. He was most regular on Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den. He also made several deals with contestants, investing in their ideas. A profitable investment was when he put 100,000 dollars in a company named Tipsy Elves which earned 70 million dollars in sales from launch until 2018. He also aired in the show Dancing with the Stars and achieved the sixth position there. Here he met his wife.

Writing books

Robert released several books in the self-help genre. Through which he earned great revenue. His books even made it to the best seller shelf.

Real Estate

Robert has a mansion worth 7.5 million dollars in Toronto. He also bought a home in Hidden Hills, California for a price of 14.6 million dollars which he then listed for $17.25 million. The house officially sold for $17 million. Another real estate purchase done by Robert was in July 2021 when he bought a 6200-square-foot New York City condo for 34.5 million.


To conclude Robert Herjavec’s story from rags to riches is possibly one of the most inspiring stories of an immigrant traveling to Canada. He has tried his hand in multiple fields. From working as a waiter at minimum wage to becoming the proprietor of a multi-million dollar company, he has come a long way.

Q) How much has Robert Herjavec spent on Shark Tank?

Robert has invested around 16 million dollars in 54 deals on the popular TV show, Shark tank.

Q) Is Robert Herjavec on social media?

Robert has a series of social media accounts including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.