Hager joined NBC in June 1969 and burned through 35 years as a normal reporter for NBC Nightly News. The NBC News anchor acquires a compensation that reaches from $42,335 to $148,566 each year, as per payscale. Therefore, he could be had for generally $80,000.


He documented around 5,000 reports for the Today show and NBC Nightly News all through his 35-year work at NBC. He declared his retirement on November 5, 2004. In spite of his retirement, he kept on composition for NBC News consistently.

Hager started his telecom profession working for radio broadcasts in North Carolina, Lexington, Raleigh, and Charlotte. He then proceeded to work for nearby TV channels like NBC’s WRC-TV in Washington, DC, and WBTV in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Robert Hager Marriage Status Robert is a hitched fellow who has functioned as a NBC News journalist for a considerable length of time. Honore Hager, his significant other, has been in a cheerful marriage for a long time.

Be that as it may, the pair has kept most of their wedding subtleties covered up or hush. Regardless, they have had a superb existence together since their wedding and give no indications of separation. They as of now dwell in Woodstock, Vermont.

He is the dad of three little girls. Mr. and Mrs. Hager have three little girls from their delightful, solid, and sound marriage. Christina, Jennifer, and Gabrielle Hager are their names. That, yet from their little girl’s side, the couple is currently the glad grandparents of two grandchildren.

Patrick Henegan, Derek DeAngelo, Brady DeAngelo, John Nossiff, Lilly Dukich, Bobby Dukich, Aaron Nossiff, and Peter Nossiff are the names of the players. Hager’s little girls all give off an impression of being cheerfully hitched ladies.

Christina, Robert’s little girl, presently fills in as an insightful columnist for WBZ-TV in Boston. Gabrielle, his next little girl, worked at GE and is right now an accomplice at Nossiff Law Firm LLP. Jennifer by and by functions as a VP at Kate Spade New York.