In Brookline, Massachusetts, F Robert was born November 20, 1925, and died June 6, 1968, in Los Angeles, California. Robert F. Kennedy was a Democrat who went to Harvard University and the University of Virginia prior to running for President of the United States.

Robert F was an individual from the United States Naval Reserve. From 1961 to 1964, Kennedy filled in as the 64th Attorney General of the United States and was a Senator for New York from 1965 to 1968.

He filled in as the Senate Labor Committee’s foremost legal advisor and openly chastised Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa. In 1968, while crusading Robert for the Democratic Party’s official selection, he was killed at only 42 years of age.

The professional killer was a Palestinian named Sirhan, and he was condemned to life in jail in 1972. Robert was the more youthful brother of 35th Us president John F Kennedy.

They were a group of 11, alongside their folks. Robert was born to Joseph P Kennedy Sr and Rose Fitzgerald. He had eight kin, every one of whom were noticeable figures in the American political situations.

The remainder of his kin, Jean Kennedy Smith, died in 2020. His brother John F Kennedy was presumably the most essential figure as he turned into the 35th leader of the United States.

Robert and his significant other, Ethel, had 11 youngsters, a few of whom became lawmakers and activists. The Kennedy family was said to have been incurred with the ‘Kennedy Curse’, following the passings of a few Kennedy relatives in baffling design.

It is accepted that Robert had a total assets equivalent to $100 million at his passing in 1968. It is an impressive amount of cash assuming that we contrast it with present occasions.

The Kennedys were a rich majority rule family, and Robert’s dad Joseph had made a monstrous fortune by putting resources into a business and land during World War I.