An impressive new deepfake video features an unexpected scenario: Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. starring in Back to the Future. The 1985 film is a beloved classic in the movie world, starring a young Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. In it, the two travel 30 years back in time, leading to some awkward situations when Fox’s character, Marty McFly, meets his parents. Meanwhile, Lloyd’s character, Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown, is responsible for building the DeLorean that lets them do it. The original film was successful enough to warrant two sequels: 1989’s Back to the Future Part II and 1990’s Back to the Future Part III.

Holland and Downey Jr. are far from a random pairing for this particular deepfake, as they both star in the MCU together. What’s more, their characters were very close until Tony Stark’s sacrifice in last year’s Avengers: Endgame. There’s a chance Downey Jr. will appear in the MCU again anyway, perhaps in the upcoming Black Widow movie. A future appearance by Holland is guaranteed, after anther highly-publicized deal for Spider-Man was brokered by Disney and Sony. In fact, the untitled sequel to Spider-Man: Far From Home already has a 2021 release date.

Youtube user EZRyderX47 shared the Back to the Future video earlier this weekend. In it, Holland stars as Marty McFly, while Downey Jr. takes on the role of Doc. Though their faces are changed perfectly, the characters still have the voices of Fox and Lloyd, making for a strange viewing experience. Check out the Back to the Future scene with Holland and Downey Jr. below:

Deepfake videos like this one have exploded in popularity over the last couple of years. As technology continues to evolve, these videos are an unexpected side effect. From George Lucas reacting to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker to Tom Hardy replacing Patrick Stewart in Star Trek: Nemesis, it seems like deepfake videos are becoming harder to avoid on the Internet. This isn’t even the first time Holland himself has been featured in one. Over the summer, a fan replaced Holland with fellow Spider-Man Tobey Maguire in a deepfaked Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer.

Though deepfake technology is troubling in the context of politics and truth, it is entertaining when it comes to movies and TV shows. The options for switching actors in films are basically endless. This means we’re probably far from done seeing these sorts of videos make their way onto the Internet. However, though it’s fun for fans to see Holland and Downey Jr. in Back to the Future, it has to be a little strange for the actors involved.

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Source: EZRyderX47