Robert Downey Jr. is hosting a new YouTube documentary series on artificial intelligence and the first trailer is now available to watch. Artificial intelligence has already become an important aspect in many technology sectors and so it is no surprise YouTube has taken the opportunity to produce a series about A.I. Especially considering Google, who owns YouTube, is one of the companies that has heavily invested in artificial intelligence over the last few years.

Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of technology. It is already in use in many devices and industries and looks to provide a more intelligent experience. Whether that’s a directly observable experience or not, the idea underlying the technology is that it can do more without the need for as much human help as before. In spite of every brand, company and technology claiming to use some form of artificial intelligence in its products and devices, the technology itself is still in its infancy. A.I. remains some ways away from a true Skynet.

YouTube has now confirmed its new artificial intelligence series, The Age of A.I., consists of eight episodes in total. The first four episodes are all due to drop at the same time next week. The remaining four episodes will then go live on the video-sharing platform a month later, on January 15th. However, those release dates are primarily for YouTube Premium subscribers. Those not signed up to the company’s paid service will still get to see the first episode on the same day, but they’ll then have to wait until the next week to see the next episode. With each new episode then being released on a weekly basis throughout December and January.

As the trailer highlights, the series will focus on how technology has already shaped the world and how it will in the future with the help of artificial intelligence. Besides Downey Jr., each episode will include input from those directly involved in the industry and its advancements. Some of those are also likely to be familiar faces with both NFL linebacker Tim Shaw and making an appearance and discussing their own personal relationship with modern technology.

The fact that Iron Man is hosting the new series is probably not by accident. Portraying a character where science and technology plays a major role, and specifically the use of artificial intelligence by Tony Stark, Downey Jr. would seem to be a popular choice to head up the show and to help connect the technology with a new audience. After all, you don’t get to be a part of Science Bros without knowing a thing or two about science and technology.

The first episode of the latest addition to the YouTube Originals lineup goes live for all YouTube users on Wednesday, December 18th.

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Source: YouTube