The 78-year-old “Mean Streets” entertainer was seen spending time with Tiffany, 63, who is a specialist in combative techniques. He wore a white polo shirt with green shorts and a dark cap. She was seen with a white shirt, knee-length pink shorts, and a light olive green cap on her head. Afterward, the two were seen relaxing toward the rear of a boat. The couple hasn’t said without a doubt on the off chance that they are dating or not, yet the paparazzi are certain keen on them. Toward the beginning of May, Robert was seen shooting his new film “Tin Soldier” in Greece with his sweetheart Tiffany and his girl Helen Grace, whom he imparts to his subsequent spouse Grace Hightower, who he separated in 2018.

The reputed couple met when Chen showed him and Anne Hathaway Tai Chi on the arrangement of “The Intern” in 2015. In any case, Robert and Chen’s PDA was first seen when they kissed on a yacht in Côte d’Azur, France, in 2021, during the entertainer’s 78th birthday celebration party.

Who is Tiffany Chen? Tiffany is the little girl of Tai Chi grandmaster William CC Chen. She has studied Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, boxing, and San Shou with him. She has come out on top for public and big showdowns in all that from hard-battled Chinese combative techniques and boxing to the traditional type of Tai Chi and push hands. She is a senior educator at Grandmaster William CC Chen’s Tai Chi school, where she proceeds to prepare and contend.

Content Galaxy says that Tiffany has been facing a few intense contenders. Tiffany beat Aimme Jurewicz to win the gold award at the World Kuoshu Championship in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She likewise won an exceptional honor in 2003 for having the “Best Lei Tai Performance by a Female Athlete.” Tiffany won the silver decoration at the eighth Wushu World Competition in Hanoi, Vietnam, in 2005. Tiffany was one of just two things to get a silver decoration out of 42.

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With regards to his relationships, the star of “The Goodfellas” was hitched two times. From 1976 to 1988, he was hitched to Diahnne Abbott. In 1997, he wedded Hightower, yet they are presently in a severe separation after over 20 years.