Legendary actor Robert De Niro drops multiple f-bombs while discussing Donald Trump during a Sunday morning appearance on CNN’s Reliable Sources. While most Hollywood performers do tend to be at least somewhat liberal - although some stars, perhaps wisely, choose to keep their political leanings to themselves - two-time Oscar-winner De Niro has never hesitated to make his feelings known, especially when it comes to President Trump. Naturally, this has earned the actor derision from Trump fans, but he really doesn’t seem to sweat it.

Perhaps the highlight of De Niro’s various verbal assaults of Trump came at 2018’s Tony Awards, in which the Goodfellas star included the phrase “F**k Trump” in his speech. Clearly, De Niro couldn’t care less what President Trump, the Republican party at large, or conservative media thinks of his opinions. Back in 2016, prior the presidential election ultimately won by Trump, De Niro even straight up said he’d like to punch the former Apprentice host in the face.

During a Sunday morning interview on CNN’s Reliable Sources, conducted by host Brian Stelter, De Niro was asked about the backlash to his various Trump comments, specifically from FOX News. As one would expect, De Niro didn’t hesitate to respond with “Fk ’em, fk ’em,” despite being on live television. De Niro’s outburst earns an audible reaction from the production crew. Check out the clip below, as shared on Twitter by Dankwa Brooks.

Stelter is clearly a bit bemused by De Niro’s R-rated choice of words, and obviously didn’t anticipate the actor immediately jumping to the f-bomb. As Stelter points out though, at least this time De Niro was on cable TV, and not broadcast, so neither the Hollywood icon or CNN has to worry about a call from the FCC. That said, it’s unlikely most viewers expected to kick off their Sunday morning with De Niro spouting the f-word. Most morning TV shows go out of their way to avoid potentially offending their viewers, but to be fair, it’s not like De Niro has ever been shy.

Outside of De Niro’s anti-Trump crusade though, the 76-year-old actor has by no means slowed down in his old age. This weekend, De Niro plays the role of Murray Franklin in DC’s standalone Joker origin film, a talk show host who has a hand in sending Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck down the path to becoming the Clown Prince of Crime. De Niro also stars in Martin Scorsese’s latest mob epic, The Irishman. Recently premiering at the New York Film Festival, The Irishman has garnered rave reviews, and will receive a limited theatrical release in November before arriving on Netflix on November 27.

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Source: Dankwa Brooks/Twitter