Robert is the lone child and second offspring of David. Robert has a sister too.In resentment of his exceptionally presumed father, Robert is a saved individual. He once in a while discloses appearances.

Robert Attenborough is the child of David Attenborough. His age and date of birth are as of now not accessible.

According to his profile, Robert is a senior speaker at Australian National University. In like manner, he educates in the Bioanthropology division with an attention on Anthropology.

Talking about his folks, David Attenborough is a prestigious English Broadcaster and naturalist. He is known for his Animal and Plant Life narrative arrangement.

Robert’s other relatives comprised of his mom, Jane Elizabeth Ebsworth Oriel. Shockingly, Jane is not any more on the planet as she died in 1997.

Moving into his kin, Attenborough has a sister named, Susan Attenborough. Moreover, Susan is an ex-teacher and headmistress of an elementary school.

In contrast to his popular dad, the teacher carries on with a peaceful existence with his better half and kids in Australia. Be that as it may, their data is as yet a secret to people in general.

As per Celebrity Net Worth, Robert will share a fortune of $35 million dollars from his dad. Besides, he should acquire nicely from his profession as a senior teacher too.

The dad and child have an exceptionally muddled relationship. This is on the grounds that David went through a large portion of the days voyaging when Robert was growing up. Be that as it may, they are truly close disregarding this.

Despite the fact that David broke the web with Instagram supporters, his child appears to be removed from online media. Indeed, Robert’s IG and Twitter handle is missing.

Robert has distributed various examination papers in his field. Additionally, he has worked in the wellbeing and sustenance of less created nations.