Roper is a star secondary school player who is currently set to join the school football association. Many individuals accept that he has shown remarkable records in his secondary school football, and under right direction, he may play for NFL soon.

Robbie Roper is as yet alive and is under clinical treatment. The fresh insight about his passing is flowing on different stages, and sympathies are being posted, however Roper has not died and is battling for his life.

Robbie went on a medical procedure for his shoulder injury, and news has that he had a complexity with sedation, which prompted an extreme ailment, and he is currently in ICU battling forever. Many sources have shown that his condition is basic yet mentioned everybody to implore.

In this manner, the fresh insight about Ropper’s downfall is a deception; in any case, the facts confirm that he is battling and battling to endure. Everybody wants for Ropper’s wellbeing; he has a great profession ahead assuming he endures.

Robbie Roper is 18 years of age. He is 6ft 3in and 220lb. He has the build of a competitor, to keep up with which he has given long stretches of training. He has been playing football since early on and showed his capacity in various competitions he played in secondary school.

Much data about his own life is inaccessible openly. Perhaps in light of the fact that he was an uprising footballer, such a lot of detailing has not been done at this point.

Many individuals are dazed by the insight about his passing yet are currently somewhat alleviated that he isn’t dead and there is as yet a possibility that he could endure.

Much data about Robbie Roper is undisclosed, so a couple of insights concerning him are accessible. He was from Roswell, Georgia, and went to secondary school. He was keen on football since early on, so he joined the group.


Because of his phenomenal exhibition in secondary school, he has various school football offers to anticipate. He has got offers from some renowned organizations like the University of Massachusetts, Morgan State, and numerous others.

Every individual who watches football intently is appealing to God for Robbie to recuperate from the medical problem.