Robbie Cabral is a designer and business visionary who has been dynamic in the realm of business for about 10 years now. He is for the most part known for his creation of the electronic and smark bicycle lock during his time in school and the item’s organization.

Robbie became a force to be reckoned with after his time in the Shark Tank, where he was appreciated by the entirety of the appointed authorities. He got his startup speculation from the show, which assisted his organization with becoming further.

You can get familiar with Robbie Cabral beneath. Robbie Cabral has not uncovered data about his total assets as of now. Yet, he got $200k as a speculation and, presently, his organization is esteemed at an astounding $1.5 million.

His abundance is because of the stakes he possesses in the organization named Benji Lock. Robbie Cabral is the originator and the CEO of the Benji Lock, which is situated in Los Angelos.

The organization is generally known for selling its unmistakable customary looking latch which utilizes one’s fingertips as its key. The latch has a unique mark sensor that is utilized to approve and check the proprietor.

Robbie had the option to get an underlying speculation of $200k for a 15% value stake in the organization. Talking about his identity, he is initially from the Dominican Republic and is a settler to America. He is currently a nationalized resident of the states.

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Robbie Cabral has been hitched to his significant other for a long time now and has a sum of three kids from his marriage. He is yet to uncover the name of his significant other.  During the pandemic, Robbie lost his employment and began remaining at home and dealing with his kids. In the mean time, his better half assumed liability for the house costs.