The occurrence happened in Nagthane town around 2.45 a.m. at the point when the burglar with a backpack and his face covered, entered the ATM, as the townspeople rested.

Keeping away from the CCTV to conceal his personality, he showered some dull paint on it and afterward utilized a dangerous material to shoot one of the two ATM gadgets in the lodge.

He figured out how to obliterate one ATM and stole from Rs 11.16 lakh from it while the other ATM experienced some harm just, said an authority of Borgaon police headquarters.

“The unstable materials are being inspected and at first sight it seemed, by all accounts, to be gelatin-based, yet we can express solely after full test,” said an authority.

From the pre-impact CCTV film, the looter had entered the ATM around 2.30 a.m. furthermore, hurried with the stole from sum in scarcely 15 minutes before anyone hearing the blast could arrive at the spot.

— Ajitweekly (@Ajitweekly1) September 7, 2022