After months of speculation as to who would play Cable in Deadpool 2, Josh Brolin was recently cast in the role. Over the past year, it seems that just about every name in Hollywood was thrown out for the part, but Brolin’s never once emerged. The news was even more surprising given his staring role as Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, which is currently filming and set to come out next year along with Deadpool 2. For Marvel fans, it’s doubly exciting, as they get to see the acclaimed actor in two of the comic book company’s most iconic roles.

Along with Brolin, Ryan Reynolds will be joined by Morena Baccarin as Vanessa and Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead. They’ll also be joined by Zazie Beetz as the mercenary mutant Domino, helping to set up a future X-Force movie. Still, some fans are still attempting to wrap their mind around the surprise casting. And as far as Deadpool, Domino, and Cable creator Rob Liefeld is concerned, however, the new castings are perfect. He’s already given his stamp of approval to Beetz, and now he’s done the same for Brolin.

Speaking with Comic Book, Liefeld praised the casting on a number of levels, letting fans know he’s more than excited about the choice.

“Josh Brolin brings both the gravitas as well as the physicality required to bring Cable to life on the big screen! He’s an amazing actor and I’m as excited as anyone to see him paired with Ryan Reynolds, Zazie Beets in Deadpool 2!! Cable, Domino and Deadpool people!! It’s happening!!!”

Liefeld’s enthusiasm is certainly understandable, making it hard not to get amped up about the casting. And as if the earlier report and Liefeld’s praise weren’t enough confirmation for those still doubting the news, Brolin took to his Instagram to share the news himself (above).

With the news now out, expect plenty of fan art to follow showing what Brolin could look like as Cable. From there, we’ll just have the long wait until some sort of teaser is released showing the new additions in action. Liefeld previously went on record saying the chemistry between Reynold’s and Beetz is going to be amazing, and he seems to feel the same with regard to Brolin. Still, fans will be more than a little anxious to see the new actors in costume and on screen, interacting with Reynold’s in the absurdist world that surrounds him. Baccarin herself recently commented on how Vanessa will fit into Wade’s new reality, so it’ll be interesting to see the deranged Deadpool paired up with a number of characters with far more sanity.

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Source: Comic Book, Josh Brolin