Rob Kardashian of Keeping Up With the Kardashians is seeking primary custody of his daughter, Dream Kardashian after he accused Blac Chyna of using drugs. Not much has been heard or seen of the two since their whirlwind love affair, but now Rob would like to make sure his child is protected from any harm that could come her way.

Kardashian has been off the radar the past couple of years and was last in the news for his ongoing and toxic relationship with Blac Chyna when the two dated back in 2016. The couple ended up having a daughter together who they named Dream Renee Kardashian but officially split in February 2017. Kardashian was accused of posting sexually explicit pictures of his ex-girlfriend on social media which led Chyna to ask for a restraining order against him.

According to Us Weekly, Kardashian had begun the process to seek primary custody of his three-year-old daughter that he shared with Chyna. The court documents claimed that the mother had been partying hard with strangers inside her house where their daughter was present. The court documents also alleged that Chyna was often drunk, and the model spends over $600 on alcohol a day. The 32-year-old father also claimed that she used cocaine and made threats which included throwing knives and candles at him.

Kardashian also claimed that his daughter’s hygiene was not up to standard, saying that her hair was unkempt, she had unbrushed teeth and dirty fingernails. The report also cited changes in Dream’s demeanor as she often acted out sexual positions that she said her mother had taught her. The three-year-old also began using foul language such as fck and btch which Kardashian claimed she did not learn while at his home.The sock designer’s sister and star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloé Kardashian also provided a witness statement in support of his claims. The reality star also asked that the judge order Chyna to undergo drug and alcohol testing, but the judge denied it.

With the ongoing court case, the two parents were ordered to attend a mediation meeting on February 1oth to see if the issues could be worked out which would include custody and visitation rights. The couple last went to court in February of 2019 where they signed paperwork for a post-judgment child support modification order which released Kardashian from paying child support payments to Chyna. Fans are hoping that the two stars can work out their differences, so Dream does not have to suffer any long term arguing.

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Source: Us