Typically, you will have to choose and spend your money on one perk, but there are a few that may come in really handy in certain situations. If you want to know which perks are worthy to purchase, then follow our instructions below.

The Best Perks in Road Redemption

There are two types of perks in Road Redemption: perks that can be bought several times per game, and powerful ones that can be bought only once.

Most Useful Perks (Up to 5 Purchases):

Experience Gain: Increases all of your experience gain by 15% Cash Gain: Increases all of your cash gain by 10% Critical Damage: Increases melee damage and critical hit chance by 20% Medical Toolkit: Increases health gain for each kill by 20%. Upgrade Automatic Weapon/Shotgun: If you’ve unlocked firearms, then this type of perk is a must-have.

Buy as many of these perks as you can, because they’ll be the most useful during any racing match. Other perks, such as Durability and Nitro, are optional – so invest in them only when you have extra cash.

Powerful-But-Dangerous Perks:

Razor Blade: Increases your attack damage by 125%, but in the process your rider receives damage. So use this only on bosses or other opponents that are hard to eliminate. If you have no Health Gain perk, then do not even consider Razor Blade, it’ll kill you sooner than your enemies.

Midas Vest: Increases all of your experience and cash gain by 150%, which is huge – but again, your rider becomes more vulnerable to damage.

This Time’s the Charm: Decreases your life total by 60% in exchange for extra three lives. This perk is only useful if you already have a huge health pool. Otherwise, don’t bother buying it – especially if you’ve already purchased Midas Vest.

Mushrooms: A resurrection perk that brings you back to life with full HP restored.

That is all for the best perks in Road Redemption. But if you are a completely new player, and you have no idea where to start, then check out the guide below:

Road Redemption Beginner Tips and Tricks