What is Road Rage?

Road Rage is the aggressive behaviour during the driving of a vehicle, due to many reasons such as any kind of mental pressure, due to traffic Jamor and situations which less the driver to become angry. It results in rude behaviour and also causes insulting to others and damage to the property or the person as well. It sometimes also causes severe injuries or results in the death of the period. Roderage will only get normal when the frustration or aggression get realized by doing such kind of effect which provides a peaceful state to your mind. 

What are the causes of Road Rage?

Driver faces many kinds of issues during driving and some of them will make them angry and it will lead to Road Rage. The causes are:

  1. The heavy traffic surrounds the driver and makes him angry. 

  2. Headlight flashing is also one of the causes which irritates the driver most during the driving as it directly affects the eyes. 

  3. Then someone who is driving, prior, drive-in very slow speed than usual.

  4. Mental stress is also a cause. 

  5. Due to the construction seeds which makes them led for their work. 

  6. Then someone used continuously blowing the horn which results in aggression.

  7. Then someone makes offensive gestures to the drivers, lead to makes them angry.

  8. During the driving, there will be any kind of loud music around the streets which irritates the driver. 


There are five types of road rages.  They are:

  1. Passive-aggressive Road Rage 

  2. Violent Road Rage 

  3. Impatient Road Rage

  4. Vocal Road Rage

  5. Competitive Road Rage


It causes effects on the mental and physical health as well of the driver. The following are the effects of the Road Rage –

Effects on physical health:- 

During the Road Rage, if any kind of accident occurs then it will damage your physical health or the river if collider with another person, which results in a fight, can also cause loss to the physical health.

Effects on mental health 

Now causes of mental health are – 

  1. It causes severe stress on the person’s mind. 

  2. It also leads to depression, anxiety or any kind of mental problem.

  3. The persons may face mental disorders.

  4. There are so face problems with high blood pressure.

Some common factors which cause Road Rage are – 

• due to delays called by the traffic or any kind of processions.

•  Some drivers didn’t follow the rules.

• some of the drivers drive aggressively.

• If the meeting or appointments get late, This causes impatient in drivers.

• waiting for someone fourth so long, also causes aggression among drivers.

How to control Road Rage? 

The person already they have to drive with a peaceful mind and try to control this anger. What to do if someone is getting angry are you are losing your control:

  1. Never stopped another driver to confront. 

  2. If someone is driving slowly, try to be calm rather than showing any kind of aggression.

  3. Keep a safe distance from another vehicle.

  4. Never blow the horn, continuously, it causes distress in other drivers’ minds.

  5. Never rush to any place, always right in the limited speed.

  6. If you are this is distressed, then take some time and then drive.

Tension, aggression and stress all are enemies of humans. Control the human minds and never let them do the right things. These are very dangerous for the mental health of a person. It is one of the situations which is called by these elements. It is harmful to a person and society too. A leather tries to avoid conflicts of any kind of distress among yourselves. Drive your vehicle with a mind for social welfare. This state of mind is very dangerous and forced you to do anything, which results are devasted. Take care of your mental health as it affects the environment also and always try to control your anger. 

  1. Does Road Rage can be harmful?

It is very dangerous and harmful as in this state, the affected person doesn’t have any kind of control over his mind and he can attempt anything.

  1. What are the causes of extreme Road Rage?

A driver who is surrounded by traffic or someone continuously blowing the horn is the main cause of extreme Road Rage.

  1. The any penalty will be charged for Road Rage?

No,  it will be no kind of penalty will be charged. Bottle if it causes any kind of harm to the property of or any person, then he has to pay the fine.