If you’re familiar with idle or tap games, then the concept of Rebirth should be familiar to you. Your character’s progress is essentially reset with the promise of benefits, and in Idle Poring there are plenty of benefits. We’ll go over those in a second.

As Idle Poring is basically a reskin of another game, Idle Monster: Nonstop, the two have virtually identical systems. If you ever went through with Reincarnation in Idle Monster, you’ll be right at home with the system in Idle Poring.

Let’s do the good news before the bad and go over the benefits of putting your characters through Rebirth.

1st Rebirth Benefits

You wouldn’t reset if there weren’t some seriously good rewards for doing so, and that is exactly the case.

Various features unlock with each Rebirth, but here we’re sticking to the first one:

Your character’s base level cap is increased from 80 to 100 You obtain a new skill Your character is granted 100 additional attribute points to distribute 1 orange pet egg

Along with the above, you gain Diamonds based on the amount of Zeny sitting around on your character. If you have 0 ~ 200,000 Zeny on-hand you will receive 50 Diamonds, 200,001 ~ 1,000,000 Zeny will grant 100 Diamonds, and over 1 million will grant you 200 Diamonds.

The first Rebirth is worth it, but the later ones are even moreso. Later Rebirths will grant you combat pet transformations, classes, more orange pet eggs, increased level caps and attribute points, and further features.

When Can You Rebirth?

There are three requirements that have to be met before you can Rebirth your character:

Your character must be base level 80 All of its equipment must be refined up to level 80 Your character must have at least one pet with 4 hearts

That’s all simple enough, and mostly boils down to a time investment. Getting to base level 80 and getting all of your equipment refined up to 80 is both a time-consuming and expensive task. SVIP players will be able to reach this point much faster than VIP and free players.

Once you’ve grinded your way up and chugged through your first Rebirth, the second one can be undergone at level 100. Further Rebirths require higher base levels and refinements.

What Rebirth Resets

Let’s go over the bad before the good, shall we? When Rebirthing, a number of things are reset or stop. These include:

Your character and job level reset to 1(but you cannot change your job after Rebirth) Attribute allocations Your stage progress is reset All your equipment will automatically be smelted and turned into points Any designs you’ve found via Expeditions will be disappear Expeditions themselves will be cancelled with no rewards Skill slots will be reset Pet slots will be reset

What Rebirth Doesn’t Reset

It does reset a lot, but some things stay the same:

Pets stay the same Skill unlocks stay at the same point Gems stay Neither Honor nor Diamonds are removed Special items like Attribute Books, Pet Potions, and so on remain

It seems items pets can get from expeditions are not removed, such as pet potions and candy, so keep that in mind.

There isn’t a ton to know about Idle Poring’s Rebirth system, but if you’re planning for the long game, you need to know about Rebirthing and what it can do for you. With each one comes the benefits both above – and otherwise, and those stressing about their stats will be happy to find a stat reset.

If this guide helped you out (I hope it did), check out my other RO: Idle Poring guides to keep your grind game strong and your character stronger.