Just like in Ragnarok Online itself, in Idle Poring, you can allocate attribute points to your characters to customize how they play. But with the game’s brand new community, no one knows the optimal attribute builds for each class yet. Heck, I don’t even know – but if you want to build your characters right, you need to know what the attributes and stats do, and that is something I do know.

Idle Poring’s stats do not line up with those in RO, so you can’t build your characters as you would in the actual MMO. No DEX Mages here. So let’s go over each of the game’s attributes and what they increase for all three main jobs.

Each job has a stat that affects their actual ATK (attack power), with the other two jobs receiving different benefits from that stat. Swordsman specializes in STR, Mage in INT, and Archer in DEX.

Attribute Stat Effects


Stat Effects

Now, let’s dig a bit deeper. What do all the stats themselves mean? We see how attributes indirectly affect your characters’ growth, so what about their stats? Let’s go over them.

HP – Maximum health SP – Maximum SP ATK – Attack power DEF – Defensive power M. ATK – Magic attack power M. DEF – Magic defensive power HIT – Hit chance CRI – Critical hit chance Tenacity – Resistance against status effects EVA – Dodge rate ATK Spd – Skill cast speed Cast – Cast time (Not confirmed! Haven’t gotten a single bit of this)

ATK Spd and Tenacity

Everything’s pretty self-explanatory, except Tenacity and ATK Spd.

The game never actually mentions what Tenacity does, but it does, in fact, act as your resistance against status effects. One can easily imagine this making LUK especially useful at very high levels, especially with the HIT and CRI attached to it.

ATK Spd is the most confusing of the stats in Idle Poring, because it doesn’t affect your actual attack speed at all. It actually affects how quickly you start to cast your skills. Sounds convoluted, right?

A character with a higher ATK Spd than its opponent will begin to cast its skills first, and this is the cast in both PvE and PvP. Their skills will take the same amount of time to cast.

Which Attributes Should You Invest In?

Now, I’m no pro and this is not an easy question to answer. All I can do is give you some advice and you choose what to do with it.

You see a fair number of players claim it’s best to go all-in on a character’s primary attribute, but that probably is not the best idea if for two factors alone:

Every job’s skills are named differently but all do the same thing at the same tiers Equipment grants so much ATK – both directly and through granting your primary stat – that using attributes only for it may feel like a waste

ATK, SP, and HP aren’t the only important stats. CRI, HIT, ATK Spd, Tenacity, and EVA are all important when you have an abundance of them.

Because all the jobs use the same skills and effectively act the exact same way, I’m not all that sure there’s even a need to build them differently. You could easily do an attribute build that does 1 STR; 2 STA; 2 AGI on a Swordman, then turn around and do the same build, but with 1 INT instead of  STR on a Mage.

Hopefully, this information will help you build your characters. Your attribute allocations are important and if you feel like you messed up, don’t forget the game granted you some Attribute Books early in the game. They can be found in your bag under ‘Items’.

And last (but certainly not least) if you are still having trouble pushing through the stages with this information in mind, I highly recommend taking a look at my Idle Poring progression guide, which goes over each of the game’s progression aspects so you know what to do each time you log in. Happy grinding!