As indicated by specialists, McLeod was the main outlaw to be placed on the Marshals Service’s “15 Most Wanted” list with a $50,000 reward when the chase was expanded a year ago. Krystal Mitchell, McLeod’s new sweetheart, was found dead in June 2016 when the two were visiting companions in San Diego, California.

McLeod is said to have withdrawn the country when he looked into her demise. RJ McLeod, 36, was most recently seen in Sonsonate, a 71,000-man town roughly 20 kilometers from the Pacific Ocean, in August 2022.

RJ McLeod, a “Generally Wanted” suspect, was blamed for killing his better half. As per specialists, Deputy Marshals Francisco Barajas and Luis Ramirez ventured out to El Salvador on Monday evening to help neighborhood and public police in capturing him. As per accounts, the two are shipping him back to the United States. Mitchell’s mom, Wentzel, offered her thanks to the Marshals on Facebook on Monday, August 29, 2022. She expressed:”WHAT A SUPERB DAY!!!!” “I had confidence and confidence in them, and since meeting Francisco Barajas, I realized this day would come, and he would be the one to catch him.”

Previous Marshals Director Daniel Washington expressed:”McLeod is an immense risk to general society and should be indicted.”

Krystal Mitchell, 30, whom RJ McLeod was seeing at the hour of her passing, was killed in 2016, as per police records. The US Marshals Service tracked down Ms. Mitchell’s body choked. Mitchell and Mcleod were visiting companions in San Diego when the supposed homicide happened in the loft they were remaining in.

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They’d gone to a club before, when McLeod got into a quarrel with another ex-Marine, provoking them three to leave. Mr. McLeod is likewise said to have a past filled with savagery. He got away from through Mexico and Central America, at long last winding up in Belize in 2018 and Guatemala in 2017.

The US Marshals Service portrayed him as follows:”I’m equipped and destructive!” “A muscle head who drinks vigorously and has a background marked by aggressive behavior at home.”

US Marshal Steve Stafford of the Southern District of California expressed in an explanation last year:”Time won’t ever stop the Marshals’ criminal test into McLeod.” If anything, it reinforces our determination. We will investigate every possibility until he is captured.”

RJ McLeod was supposedly confined at 4:30 p.m. on Monday, August 29, 2022.