Riverdale is coming to the end of its freshman season, and ‘game-changing’ secrets are set to be revealed. Riverdale has proven to be a huge hit for The CW. Based on Archie Comics, the show has its own Twin Peaks and Pretty Little Liars inspired vibe going on, delivering a dark murder mystery and an intriguing cast that has very quickly spawned a passionate fandom of its own.

As yet, we are still no nearer to knowing who killed Jason Blossom, who was found dead in the first episode after he tried to leave town. Suspects have ranged from his twin sister, Cheryl, to sweetly innocent Betty Cooper, who also has a dark, hidden personality within her.

In fact, it’s fair to say pretty much everyone’s a suspect, but according to showrunnner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, as he told EW, there are some major secrets set to be revealed that could alter everything:

So far, we’ve learned secrets about pretty much every character on the show, but the parents of Riverdale are definitely the darkest of all. During episode 10, Veronica discovered that Clifford Blossom (father of the late Jason) had been making payments to her father, Hiram Lodge, right up until he went to jail. That could seemingly point towards Clifford framing Hiram, and Hiram exacting his revenge by having Jason killed. Seems a bit of an extravagant form of revenge, but anything is possible in Riverdale. Jughead’s father, F.P., has previously been hired by Hiram Lodge for various jobs. Was one of those a murder? We’re willing to bet that if F.P. didn’t kill Jason, he at least knows who did.

“There are still some huge ones, huge secrets to come in the last two or three [episodes]; kind of game-changing secrets, I would say. There’s more of that in the stretch from [episodes] 11-13. You just get deeper and deeper into the swamp of secrets.”

Then again, there’s Hal Cooper. Betty’s dad has already admitted to a lifelong grievance with the Blossom family, with great-grandfather Blossom killing great-grandfather Cooper over maple syrup, of all things. As a result, Hal is raging that his daughter, Polly, is pregnant with Jason’s twins. Did he have Jason killed in order to ensure his daughter didn’t end up marrying into the Blossom family?

With promises that we will know Jason Blossom’s killer by the end of season 1, and that there will be another Riverdale death, those secrets are going to have to be revealed very soon. Going forward, the murder mystery’s impact could also set the scene for season 2, since the end of the season is said to have a huge genre-element twist.

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Riverdale continues April 27th with ‘To Riverdale and Back Again’ at 9 pm ET on The CW.

Source: EW