True lovers of CW’s popular teen drama Riverdale know how important the look of the show is. All of the mundane yet beautiful locations and pretty props are what make this show so visually pleasing. However, the most important aspect of it all is the choice of clothes the characters wear.

One of the main characters of the show, Veronica Lodge, has some of the best outfits in the show. If you are a fashion lover like she is, then it can be very helpful to learn from how she dresses. So, here are Veronica’s five best outfits as well as her five worst.

Worst: Purple Embroidered Dress (S02E19)

At first glance, this looks like it might have been a good choice. But the longer you look, the more you realize what a strange dress it is. The dark purple might be symbolic of the evil side that Veronica leans to sometimes, but even she doesn’t deserve to wear such dresses.

That being said, such a design can still look good on some people. Luckily, Veronica is one of such women who can make almost anything look good on her. This purple embroidered dress might have ended up looking pretty bad, but thankfully, it didn’t.

Best: Blue Checked Coat (S03E12)

The best thing that happened to Veronica is her separation from her dad. The second best thing that happened to Veronica is her sense of fashion. Even though she mostly wears darker tones of red and black, she sometimes likes adding in some blue and purple colors, and this blue checked coat is one such example.

The coat doesn’t look funny which can sometimes happen with brighter colors. It also doesn’t show that Veronica is from a rich family, which is quite a rarity for her. In any case, she looks great wearing the coat and it’s a pity she only wore it once.

Worst: Floral Dress (S02E05)

The strange pattern on the bottom part of the dress just becomes even stranger when you compare it to Josie’s outfit, who is standing right beside Veronica. It’s ridiculous that Veronica chose this dress to perform with the Pussycats considering that they always have stunning clothes on every time they sing in public.

In addition to that, the cat ears Veronica has to wear as the Pussycats trademark accessory simply don’t fit with her overall outfit. If she is going to be a cat, why does she have a floral pattern? It simply makes no sense.

Best: Lace Dress (S01E05)

One of Veronica’s most beloved types of dresses is the classy lace dress. She has a variety of these that pop up every now and then. Most of the time, these are simply black dresses like this one with a bit of lace, but sometimes they appear in other colors too.

The designs of these dresses are also quite similar, though there are some exceptions where it goes somewhat downhill. This particular dress, however, is one of the best. It appears way back in the first season and doesn’t strike us something over-the-top but rather classy and modest.

Worst: Plaid Checked Dress (S01E08)

Even the sly Veronica makes mistakes. Sadly, some of these mistakes fall into the category of fashion. Thankfully, the viewers are probably not the only ones suffering from it. This plaid checked dress looks like it could be quite itchy.

Another issue with is its plain and outdated look. Veronica suddenly transforms into some kind of austere teacher in her thirties. Perhaps it’s the color itself or maybe the fact that it is tight but not tight enough.

Best: Daisy Collared Dress (S03E01)

Another great example of Veronica using colors other than black and dark red is this cute daisy collared dress. It has the blue that doesn’t look too bright but still looks light enough to be pleasant to the eye.

Furthermore, the collar and sleeves compliment the blue with their white pattern. It’s a dress you could wear almost anywhere: school, family dinner, date. It’s classy but not as strict as some of such dresses tend to be.

Worst: Embroidered Floral Dress (S02E05)

Some designs look good when you imagine them in your head, but once you actually make the dresses, it just looks weird and even a little ugly. This embroidered floral dress almost felt like a betrayal to Veronica’s style which was probably the result of a poor design choice.

Of course, the semi-transparent fabric shows off her skin which can be a nice touch for ceremonial or evening dresses, but it is no fit for a get-together with friends (which was the case in this scene). Hopefully, Veronica will stay away from such dresses in the future.

Best: Floral Collared Dress (S02E08)

Just like her mother, Veronica is one of the show’s best characters. It is undeniable that both of them have a good sense of style, but this dress proves that Veronica might be a bigger expert in it than her mom is.

The dress combines two aspects of Veronica’s usual choice of outfits: the classy-looking dress and the floral pattern. Usually, her dresses don’t have any patterns and appear in various dark colors. Sometimes, Veronica wears floral patterns which could indicate her yearning to do good things. This dress has the standard collar and bow Veronica loves so much, but it also has a floral pattern.

Worst: Boat Neck Cami (S01E05)

Perhaps the most hideous outfit Veronica has worn comes from an episode from the very first season. This boat neck cami could not be more boring. Similarly to some other bad outfits Veronica had, this one makes her look older in a bad sense.

The skirt just looks too outdated or rather too official for someone who is still a teenager and goes to school. You would probably find such skirts on office workers rather than cheerleaders (and Veronica was one at the time).

Best: Layered Lace Dress (S01E02)

In many ways, Riverdale’s Betty and Veronica are superior to their comic book counterparts, and this dress might be one of the reasons why. You see, unlike the original characters, these two have a much better sense of fashion.

As mentioned before, Veronica loves lace dresses, so that’s what she wears. This right here is her most classic look. She is Veronica Lodge and nobody can take that from her. Over time, her character will change and evolve, but for now, she is Lodge and she is in need of new friends.