What happens when a TV Network takes one of the best comics ever and turns it into a scripted show? Well, for fans of Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead, Riverdale has not been a disappointment. While some of the storylines are a bit over the top, overall, there’s no denying the longevity this show can have.

With such a large cast of main and supporting characters, Riverdale is as diverse as they come. Choosing the top characters is not as easy as one may think. Do you go for the jock, the nerd, the socialite or the criminal? Here are the top 10 fan-favorite characters from Riverdale.

Hermione Lodge

The loyal wife had enough and took on her gangster husband. And while she didn’t come out on top, we’ve learned to never count out Hermione Lodge. Hermione is one of the toughest characters to figure out on Riverdale. She started out as loyal, then turn into what many believed was the face of the crime family, then completely hit the switch as she became Mayor.

Her love for the rest of the residents of Riverdale is what makes her character a bit strange, As a person who grew up there, Hermione acts as if her younger years never happened.

Hiram Lodge

The villain of Riverdale on every level. Hiram began the show as a myth. The man behind shady business deals and the one who had the backing of his family even in tough times. His daughter Veronica still viewed him as her savior until she began to learn the truth.

A member of the crime family, Hiram sought power on all levels. His job was to always end out on top. Many have challenged him but Hiram always seems to be one step ahead of the rest. His character was the one that no one believed was needed on the show but turned out to be the perfect addition.

Toni Topaz

Toni was a pleasant addition to the cast of Riverdale. What was expected to be a love triangle between Toni, Jughead and Betty turned into something better as the love interest for Cheryl. Their relationship was one for the ages as Cheryl found a bit of normalcy with Toni. With Toni being from the Southside and a member of the Serpents, she entered the scene already with a chip on her shoulder.

Toni may be rough around the edges but she’s loyal and will do whatever she can to help her friends and family. She’s determined, relentless, smart, and beautiful.

FP Jones

The first parent we hated on Riverdale. In the beginning, it appeared that FP wanted no parts of his son Jughead. FP was the leader of the Southside Serpents which may have caused a rift in their relationship. We would later find out that FP has just as many skeletons in his closet than Hiram. Abandoned by his wife and daughter, FP admits he wasn’t mature enough to raise Jug. But he has since changed his tune.

Now a sheriff, FP Jones is about redemption. The Alice Cooper connection is a weird one and just goes to show that nothing in the town of Riverdale is ever sacred.

Fred Andrews

If there was ever a parent you wanted to have your back and take advice from, Fred Andrews was that parent. Mostly a single parent, he raised Archie to be the best man he could be. Did he have his shortcomings? Yes, but at the end of the day, Fred was the best role model on Riverdale.

Protecting his son from any dangers was his top priority. Even when Archie chose Hiram, Fred never abandoned his son. He was a hard-working man whose moral was put to the test plenty of times. There is still that strange part of me that wanted a relationship between Fred and Hermione to work.

Betty Cooper

Meant to be the goody-good girl on Riverdale, we would soon learn that Betty Cooper has a dark side. Much like Archie, Betty can be sweet and innocent but a deeper look will reveal that’s she is not one to cross. While many weren’t big fans of the Black Hood or The Farm storylines, it’s been Betty that has kept our interest through the dry patches.

As an aspiring journalist, Betty wants to get down to the truth of things. However, her inquisitive mind and actions often have her in the crosshair of her enemies.

Veronica Lodge

Each teen on Riverdale is dealing with an identity crisis of some sort. For Veronica, its about gaining acceptance and independence from her parents and peers. She moved to Riverdale as the new girl but quickly became the “it” girl. Her relationship with Archie only cemented her status as a major young figure in town but she took it up another level on her own.

Running an underground club gave her a purpose but Veronica is known to get in just a bit over her head. While loyal, she walks as if she needs no one but the truth is, Veronica is no good if out on her own.

Jughead Jones

The kid who’s just as confused as any on Riverdale. Jughead is loved on both sides of the track. The leader of the Serpents and yet, he still runs in the circle with Archie and the rest. With his childhood stolen from him by his parents, Jug did his best to cope.

Pairing with Betty has given Jug a new lease on life. He now enjoys the idea of hunting those doing wrong but still has to deal with the inner-working of running a crew of his own. Despite the many attempts, he has remained loyal to those in both his circles.

Cheryl Blossom

What would Riverdale be without Cheryl Blossom? While not a truly central character like Archie, Betty, Jughead or Veronica, Cherly is worthy of a show of her own. Her personal life is just a disaster in itself. Her twin brother was killed, her father committed suicide her other runs a brothel, and her uncle is after the business.

Her wit and crafty one-liners have kept Riverdale fun and interesting while putting Cheryl into discussions as a character that needs more screen time. She has certainly deserved it.

Archie Andrews

If compared to the comic, this version of Archie is entirely different. Where he was once the happy-go-lucky kid enjoying his teenage years, Archie is now dark and confused. To be fair, this is normal for a teenager but Archie has had to deal with issues most normal teenagers only see on TV.

Still, as the main character, we side with Archie in most debates because we feel for him. It doesn’t matter if he’s trying to pick between Betty or Veronica, his loyalty to Jughead or disobeying authority figures. He’s still our favorite redhead.