From the outside looking in, Riverdale “the town with pep” is a picture-perfect hamlet nestled by the Sweetwater River. Riverdale is a teen soap that puts a subversive spin on the popular comic, so nothing and no one in Riverdale is what they seem. This also means a new take on the characters and their wardrobes.

Archie and company all sport retro looks infused with more modern elements. The result is a bevy of enviable outfits and a very fashionable cast. Here’s a ranked list of Riverdale’s best-dressed characters.

Reggie Mantle

Reggie quickly expands beyond his varsity jacket when he becomes Veronica’s right-hand man and honorary capo. While on the clock at La Bonne Nuit, Reggie’s nighttime attire includes a burgundy dinner jacket with a contrasting black lapel paired with flannel patterned pants.

Another favorite Reggie fallback is to wear black from head to toe with his tie providing a pop of color. When it comes to keeping it casual, Reggie is drawn towards both crew and v-neck tees or henleys with either a black or camel colored leather jacket.

Penelope Blossom

As the wife of the wealthiest and most powerful man in Riverdale, Penelope looked the part of the 1 percent. Uptight and abrasive, her red hair is always pulled into an updo, and her collars buttoned up to the neck. Penelope’s modest wardrobe turns out to be a costume: everything about her says upstanding citizen and member of a prominent family, hiding the deep dysfunction that runs rampant in the Blossom family.

Following Clifford’s death, Penelope lets her hair down. She modifies the matronly look by cutting her hair into a slick bob, and while she often remains covered, it’s by see-through lace. She also slips into luxurious sleepwear made of sumptuous fabrics.

Hiram Lodge

Hiram is all business all the time, and that applies to his wardrobe as well. Hiram practically lives in three-piece suits. Sometimes the “Man in Black” will dial back the formality by leaving his collar open or choosing an ascot or scarf over a tie.

Like his daughter, Hiram goes for darker, jeweled tones. If Hiram’s feeling laid back, he’ll couple a sports coat with an expensive sweater or pullover likely made from only the most expensive fabrics such as cashmere. Hiram’s high standards and self-discipline are reflected in his strict exercise regimen, and the results are evident underneath his impeccably cut attire.

Alice Cooper

During Seasons 1 and 2, Alice dresses like a stereotypical suburban mom. Matching sweater sets, pencil skirts, silk blouses, and trousers. All of which hide the large serpent tattoo on her thigh. She sheds her lace sheath for a J-low inspired low-cut number in season 2 after her bad girl past comes back to haunt her.

As Alice’s involvement with the Farm grows during Season 3, Alice’s look changes. The tidy jackets are replaced with loose-fitting kimonos. Capri pants give way to ripped jeans, and tunics and crystals mean no more matchy-matchy mom fashion. This more relaxed look suits Alice, even though it turns out to be all for the show as part of her undercover investigation into the shady Edgar Evernever.

Kevin Keller

Kevin is the only boy in Riverdale who constantly brings his A-game. Archie sticks to form-fitting tees and jeans with Converse. Jughead is all about shearling-lined denim jackets, “S” T-shirts, his Serpents gear, and, of course, the whoopee cap.

He looks like he just stepped out of an early Archie comic with his perfectly coiffed hair (although in the comics he’s a blonde), button-down shirts, and boldly-colored polos that accentuate those bulging biceps.  Kevin’s biggest fashion moment is his take on formal wear, including a ruffled shirt, bow tie and pocket square for the opening of Veronica’s speakeasy is a step outside the box for the usually conservative Kevin.

Betty Cooper

Betty’s fashion sense is much more understated than her peers Josie, Veronica and Cheryl. Some may describe Betty as boring, but a more accurate term would be classic. Her wardrobe consists almost entirely of jeans and sweaters. Betty is the girl-next-door to Veronica’s sophisticated big-city gal, but the two share a love for blinging out their collars with jewels, sequins or embroidery. Betty mixes things up once in a while with a high waisted mini skirt paired with a crop top. Betty’s fashion sense doesn’t replicate her comic counterpart unless.

One exception is the pair of overalls and bright red kerchief she wears for the street race between the Ghoulies and the Serpents. Betty’s pastel, low-key look fits her character: comfort is key when covering up a crime or tracking down serial killers. Sometimes the patterns get a bit too cutesy (she wears a Christmas sweater with no sense of irony), but those moments provide a sharp contrast to the dark forces constantly at play in her less than idyllic hometown.

Toni Topaz

Toni is from the wrong side of the tracks, but her sense of style is right on. Her best accessory is her long, wavy locks which are streaked pink and often adorned with beanies, scarves and headbands. Toni loves to mix and match patterns and textures, and she’s a fan of denim, flannel and leather. Highlights from her wardrobe include a blue jean bustier and a leather mini dress. Toni loves to layer, throwing a leather jacket over a cropped top.

As one half of Riverdale’s hottest couple, Toni knows how to bring the sexy. She’s a fan of fishnet stockings, and she’s not shy about showing some cleavage or exposing her tummy, especially in something sheer.

 Josie McCoy

Josie may have left Riverdale, but after three seasons, her legacy – aside from her voice – is her style. Early Josie is all about the kitty ears. Her onstage persona means more risque ensembles than just high-schooler Josie. Josie’s style is eclectic which is probably attributable to the fact that she’s so creative. She wears fringe, leather, spandex, feminine bomber jackets, bright splashes of color (yellow is a particular standout). Josie’s big on accessorizing, adorning herself with layered necklaces, hoop earrings and rings.

Josie experiments with hairstyles, and her look is constantly changing: short and curly, long braids, a high ponytail and variations on the classic bun. After becoming the resident chanteuse at La Bonne Nuit, Josie channels Josephine Baker, taking the stage decked out in sequins, jewels and feathers.

Cheryl Blossom

Cheryl’s not trendy; she’s fashion-forward. Simply put, her outfits will never go out of style. One of Cheryl’s best looks includes shorts, black tights and boots: her black thigh high ones are to die for.  Cheryl’s big on showing off her porcelain skin and perfect figure, so mini skirts are a Cheryl staple.  She’s mastered giving girly looks a sexy edge, pairing a red leather jacket with a bikini top.

Cheryl has fun with patterns including polka dots, flowers and giant cherries. With her striking red hair and matching lip color, Cheryl rocks pieces that most others won’t dare like a Little Red Riding Hood-inspired cape and a plaid coat which is perfect when practicing archery. Her fave accessories are chokers and spider brooches.

Veronica Lodge

Veronica’s style has drawn countless to comparison to Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf, but Veronica isn’t your average uptown girl. She’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s meets the silver screen femme fatales of the ’40s, resulting in an overall look that is very much Vee and a lot less B. Veronica’s go-to colors are jewel tones like deep purples and dark blues along with basic black.

Tweeds, lace, and fur are textures Vee can get down with. Unless she’s rehearsing with the Vixens, Veronica lives for high heels. Her accessories are low key: her pearl necklace has become iconic. Veronica doesn’t even take it down a level at bedtime, wearing a silky cami and matching shorts or a slip of a nightie.

Veronica doesn’t do casual. She may don a black jumpsuit to spring Cheryl from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy or to break into a Jingle-Jangle lab. Vee’s hemlines don’t usually stray incredibly high unless she’s clad in teeny-tiny shorts when doing a fundraiser for Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe or as part of the required Vixen’s uniform. There are no jeans or yoga pants in this girl’s closet!