Everyone will agree that Riverdale isn’t your average teenage drama. Generally speaking, most teenagers don’t own successful businesses by the time they’re 18 and they certainly don’t eat dinner with a corpse next to them. Let’s also not forget the irresponsible parents, who don’t seem to care that their kids are vigilantes or investigating murders.

Yet, fans keep watching because they care about their favorite characters. But for every character fans could connect with in some way, there have also been those they have detested or failed to relate to. From Jason Blossom’s corpse to the likes of Evelyn Evernever, here are the 1o worst supporting characters of Riverdale, ranked.

Jason Blossom

Let’s be clear: fans don’t hate Jason Blossom. It’s his corpse that they have issues with.

Fans know how much Jason was idolized by his twin sister as Cheryl never fails to mention him. However, the whole Norman Bates/Frankenstein-esque storyline is way beyond creepy now. Jason has been dead for over two years and has still managed to get more screen time than most other characters.

It was understandable in the first season, but his mere presence in Season 4 suggests that Cheryl’s wounds have never healed. Still, there had to be a better way to show her struggles with mental health because no one seems concerned that his corpse is just chilling in Thistlehouse. It’s time to get rid of it now.

Bret Weston Wallis

Ever since Jughead had been accepted to Stonewall Prep, the students have done everything they can to make him feel unwelcome. Especially Bret Weston Wallis. Bret has been responsible for the worst of Jughead’s torment, locking him in a coffin and trying to psychologically intimidate him into leaving the school.

However, the jerk has had the rug pulled out from under him many times. Fans couldn’t help but cheer when Betty clonked him over the head with a golf club or when Jughead beat him in the game of murder. Still, no one should underestimate him, as the creep looks like he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. It looks like it’s only going to get worse for Jughead.

Donna Sweett

One person fans should keep an eye on is Donna Sweett. Sweett by name but not by her nature, as we’re sure she is the brain behind the masterplans. She may look like an ally to Jughead, but could this be a trap? After all, she did drug Jughead and tried to ruin his weekend with Betty by dressing up as a killer rabbit.

Also, let’s not forget how Moose mysteriously disappeared after his past was discovered. Jughead named Bret as the perpetrator of posters, but Donna was the one to hook-up with him. She had access to the room and was the one who told Jughead that she had been in touch with him since he left. There’s just something off about her that we just don’t like.

Gladys Jones

Fans were delighted for Jughead when he was finally reunited with his mother and sister. However, fans should have known it was too good to be true when they soon discovered Gladys had taken control over the Gargoyle gang and their drug trade. She also begins to pressure Veronica and Reggie for money and creates a partnership with Hiram.

Since FP and Jughead were trying to clean Riverdale up, they were bound to come to blows. Gladys tries to keep her dodgy dealings from her family, but it all came to a head when Jellybean was kidnapped by The Gargoyle King. She has since decided to leave the town or at least until everything has cooled off.

Sister Woodhouse

There is something eerie about Sister Woodhouse that makes one feel like running in the opposite direction anytime she is on screen. Fans knew something was off when Betty revealed the Sister had ties to the alleged Black Hood. Looks like another intuition paid off when the next time they saw her, the Sister was torturing Cheryl by making her undergo conversion therapy.

It is also revealed in the Season 3 finale that she was also in cahoots with Penelope Blossom, holding the core four hostage at Thistlehouse. It is here that Betty realizes the Sister was responsible for the death of the nuns. No one knows where she disappeared to but hopefully, it’s far from Riverdale.

Penny Peabody

Penny Peabody became a sworn enemy of the Serpents after the gang kicked her out for drug solicitation. She and Jughead would come to blows after the teen carved her tattoo off with a knife. In retaliation, Penny has tried to ambush Jughead several times. At one point, she almost killed him when he sacrificed himself to prevent an all-out gang war in Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgement Night.

Penny had also made an enemy in Archie and Veronica after she went after the pair on the orders of Hiram. Thanks to Gladys, her reputation was soon tarnished as Jughead’s mother defeated her twice. No one knows where she is, but Penny’s story is far from over.

Evelyn Evernever

Evelyn has to be one of the most annoying characters in Season 3, pretending to be a student so she could recruit people for The Farm. She may appear to be a kind and caring friend but this is all part of a facade to try and earn the trust of potential recruits. Surprisingly, the students seem to not care that they are confiding in a stranger!

The recruitment she does for the cult takes an even darker turn when fans found out they were harvesting organs. This was only discovered when Betty sees Evelyn hooked up to a dialysis machine and realizes she has had a transplant. She got her comeuppance at the beginning of Season 4 when Betty knocked her out whilst shutting the cult down.


When Chic was first introduced to the show, everyone had their suspicions about him. Fans were made up for Alice when she was finally reunited with her son. However, concerns were raised for the Coopers when this guy stood over Betty’s bed and watched her sleep.

It turned out that the fans’ intuition was right when Chic revealed he was not Betty’s actual brother; he had just stolen his identity. Everyone believed they saw the last of him in Season 2 when Betty gave him up to the Black Hood, but there was another shock in store. Chic was revealed to be ‘The Gargoyle King’ and was helping Hal in his mission. He’s sure to cause more chaos in the upcoming episodes.

Hal Cooper

Hal Cooper, a.k.a. The Black Hood, has cemented his place on the list for the crimes he committed against the town. At first, Hal appeared to be one of the most responsible parents, taking an interest in protecting Betty’s welfare. However, there was a darker side to his personality when he decided he had a higher purpose.

Hal was introduced as The Black Hood in Season 2 after deciding to go after the town’s sinners. Responsible for the deaths of Mrs. Grundy, Midge Klump and many other students, Hal began to lose control over his ‘purpose’ and target his own family. Hal ended up dead after Penelope Blossom killed him for being useless.

Penelope Blossom

Penelope Blossom has to be the worst supporting character on the show. How she is not behind bars yet is anyone’s guess. Not only has she been a terrible mother to Cheryl, but the serial killer had tormented the town when she was revealed to be the mastermind behind the Black Hood and The Gargoyle King.

Fans can understand why Penelope has a grudge against the parents, but she shouldn’t have held it against the teens. The fact that she has targeted and killed innocent people in her quest proves how evil and callous Penelope can be. She cemented her place as the show’s villain when she poisoned Betty and Veronica in the Season 3 finale. Fans haven’t seen the last of her yet.