Cheryl Blossom is definitely one Riverdale character that die-hard fans love to hate. While there is no doubt that fan-favorite Cheryl has done zillions of questionable things throughout the series, she also has many redeemable qualities that continue to keep the audience endeared to her, episode after episode.

It’s true, no matter how shameless Cheryl has been over the years, she has a strong and developing character arc that keeps fans coming back for more. This is pretty impressive considering her rap sheet. Keep reading to find out the 10 most shameless things Cheryl Blossom has ever done.

She Body-Shamed Betty

It’s no secret that Cheryl has a mean streak. From the get-go, fans saw Cheryl treat her peers poorly but she was exceptionally cruel to Betty. In the pilot episode alone Cheryl body-shamed Betty and tried to keep her from joining the cheer squad.

When Cheryl learned that Betty might try out to be a Vixen, Cheryl looked at Betty’s lunch tray and remarked that “Betty’s already got so much on her plate”. Betty also shared that Cheryl wouldn’t let her join the cheer squad the previous year because she was “too fat”.

She Slapped Jughead

When Cheryl thought that Jughead’s dad had killed her brother, she marched right up to Jughead in the school cafeteria and slapped him across the face. Even though Cheryl was hurting from the death of her brother, audiences really felt for Jughead at this moment.

Not only did Jughead have nothing to do with Jason Blossom’s murder, but he was even trying to apologize to Cheryl moments prior to the assault. Of course, it eventually became public knowledge that FP didn’t have anything to do with Jason Blossom’s murder either.

She Set Thornhill On Fire

While Cheryl is easily one of the most shameless characters in Riverdale, it’s hard to stay mad at her for too long when reminded of the many trials she goes through throughout the series. In season one, fans see Cheryl deal with the heartbreak of losing her brother and then coping with the reality that her own father was her brother’s murderer.

It’s safe to say that Cheryl wasn’t thinking straight when she doused her home in gasoline and watched it go up in flames. Cheryl told her mother that she did it because “it’s the only way they can truly start over”.

She Threatened Her Hospitalized Mother

In the premiere episode of the second season, audiences learn that Cheryl’s mom ran back inside a fiery Thornhill to save a family portrait. This landed Penelope in the hospital and of course, Cheryl took this as an opportunity to say her piece.

Cheryl verbally threatened her mother and blackmailed her into keeping what happened at Thornhill a secret and then went on to physically threaten Penelope by momentarily cutting off her air supply. While this was all very effective in scaring her mother, it was also an obviously shameless move on Cheryl’s part.

She Told Jughead About Betty And Archie

If there’s one thing that Cheryl Blossom doesn’t like, it’s being left out. This is made pretty evident when the core four decided to head to Veronica’s cabin for the weekend and didn’t bother to extend an invite to Cheryl.

In order to get back at the gang, Cheryl made a rather calculated move and called Jughead at just the right time to let him know that his girlfriend and best friend had previously shared a kiss. Cheryl knew this would easily upset Jughead and would definitely put a damper on their vacation.

She Tried To Force Moose’s Hand

Cheryl doesn’t always consider other’s feelings and this is a prime example. When Kevin shared his frustrations with Cheryl regarding Moose keeping their relationship private, Cheryl took it upon herself to out Moose to the entire school. She rationalized that she was doing Moose a favor, but her friends clearly didn’t appreciate what she had done.

This was definitely a bad move on Cheryl’s part. On the bright side, fans saw some positive character development for Cheryl by the end of this episode as she apologized to Moose and seemed determined to right her wrongs.

She Secretly Kept Jason’s Corpse

This is possibly the craziest Riverdale storyline yet - which is saying a lot. In early season four, fans learned that Cheryl was secretly keeping Jason’s corpse in the basement of Thistlehouse. Cheryl would sneak downstairs and have conversations with him and read the newspaper to him, all while Toni had no idea.

Of course, it wasn’t long until Toni found out about Jason’s corpse. Within just a few episodes Toni learned the truth when she walked in on Cheryl sewing up Jason’s body in the basement. Luckily for Cheryl, Toni doesn’t scare easy.

She Kidnapped Her Mom

Penelope has put Cheryl through quite a bit of trauma over the years. From murdering Cheryl’s father to gaslighting her and attempting to kill her friends, Penelope has done her fair share of evil deeds. So of course, it’s in Cheryl Blossom’s blood to get revenge.

In season four, fans see Cheryl devise a plan to kidnap her mother and punish her for all of the awful things she had done. Cheryl ended up leaving her mother in the town’s secret underground bunker for days on end to think about what she had done.

She Covered Up Uncle Bedford’s Death

Keeping Jason’s corpse around has definitely gotten Cheryl into some trouble, to say the least. A curious Uncle Bedford snuck into Thistlehouse one night to investigate when Cheryl and Toni confronted him. As fans know, things quickly escalated when the girls were forced to defend themselves and Uncle Bedford didn’t quite make it out alive.

While killing Uncle Bedford was an act of self-defense, Toni and Cheryl definitely should have gone to the police with the situation instead of covering it up. Hopefully, this night doesn’t come back to haunt them.

She Pretended To Feed Bits Of Uncle Bedford To Her Relatives

In order to get Uncle Bedford’s family to stop investigating his disappearance, Cheryl and Toni devised a plan. They invited them over for dinner, spooked them with a scary story from Nana Rose, and then blackmailed them by threatening to reveal their recent act of “cannibalism”.

Cheryl convinced her relatives that they had ground up Uncle Bedford’s body and put it into the meat pies they were serving that evening. While they didn’t actually grind up Uncle Bedford, this whole situation was still pretty bizarre and insensitive, even for Cheryl.