There’s a reason why Archie’s friends call him ‘Pureheart the Powerful’ on Riverdale. He is one of the most selfless characters you will ever see on tv - putting his life on the line to ensure the safety of his family and friends. Although his actions can be considered reckless, fans know that they are paved with good intentions.

Would you like to see some examples? Whether it is becoming the protector of the town to the time Archie broke his hand trying to rescue Cheryl from Sweetwater River, here are the 10 most selfless things Archie ever did.

Taking on Hiram Lodge

One of the bravest things Archie ever did was trying to take down crime boss, Hiram Lodge. As fans know, Archie and Hiram have never seen eye to eye, mostly due to Veronica’s father believing the musician wasn’t good enough for his daughter.

Archie and Hiram also clashed over their differentiating morals, coming to blows over Hiram’s criminal deeds and affiliations. Tensions reached a boiling point when Archie realized the Lodge patriarch was responsible for Jughead’s assault and the attempted murder of Fred. As a result, Archie has sworn to one day “make his bones” with Hiram.

Putting his life on the line

One of the most selfless deeds Archie has done is putting his life on the line for his loved ones. This has become a recurring theme in season 4 as Archie continues to pursue his vigilante lifestyle. For instance, Archie has voluntarily moved out of the Andrews’ house after it became a target in a shooting.

He also put his life on the line protecting those in the community center after Darla came in, looking for revenge. When held at gunpoint, Archie promised to tell her what she wanted if she allowed everyone to walk free. Even though it was a reckless decision, it does emphasize Archie’s bravery.

Volunteered to be part of Fred’s crew

The first time the viewer witnessed Archie’s pure heart was back in season 1 when he volunteered to help out with his dad’s business. This all occurred in “Chapter Eight: The Outsiders” when Archie finds out that Andrews Construction is in danger after Fred’s crew leave him to work for Cliff Blossom.

To Hermione and Fred’s surprise, Archie provides a short term solution. Arriving with Jughead, Moose, and Kevin, Archie tells Fred that they are willing to help with his project until he can find new replacements. Archie later won the award for the son of the year when he tells Jughead that he would do whatever it takes to help Fred succeed.

Protecting Fred after the shooting

Archie continued to show why he was the son of the year when he dedicated himself to protecting Fred from harm. In the season 1 finale, fans waited with baited breaths to see if Fred would survive after being shot by the Black Hood. However, despite the writers reassuring the viewers that Fred would be okay, Archie wasn’t.

Whilst Fred was in the midst of recovery, Archie decided to become his protector and kept watch over him. He set up shop in the hallway, where Archie guarded both the front and back door in case the shooter would return. Although no one would want Archie to jeopardize his health, it’s quite selfless of him to feel like he needed to protect Fred.

Opened a community center

Season 4 saw Archie decide to convert the El Royale gym into a community center to keep young children and teens off the streets. The plan came into motion when Munroe continued to press the musician to follow through on his idea after he catches his younger brother hanging out at the Arcades - known as Dodger’s turf.

Before Archie decided to go down the vigilante route, he proved to be a good role model for the younger kids. He would take them out of awkward situations, confiscate their weapons and tries to protect them from Dodger - the newest Riverdale criminal who is causing lots of problems. Again, it’s a selfless deed to be standing up and putting your life on the line.

Running to Veronica’s aid

Archie made another selfless act in the episode “Chapter Thirty-Two: Prisoners” when he rushed to Veronica’s aid. The plot of this episode saw Archie get kidnapped by Nick St Clair after the music producer returned to Riverdale to seek his revenge on the Lodges.

Whilst Archie is tied up, Nick tells him that he is planning on meeting up with Veronica for a “date” and will be live streaming it so Archie can watch. Unaware of Veronica’s plan, Archie breaks out of his restraints and rushed to the hotel to protect her from Nick. Although he was injured, Archie’s priority was making sure she was safe. That definitely makes him one of the best boyfriends.

Giving back the Firebird

One of the sweetest gestures Archie ever made was selling his musical equipment so he and Fred could bond over repairing a beat-up car. This all occurred in “Chapter Thirty-One: A Night To Remember” when Archie and Fred’s relationship becomes briefly strained after Hiram revealed he gave the teenager a car.

This causes Fred to express his disappointment with Archie, revealing that he wanted to buy a car from the junkyard and repair it with Archie - the same thing Fred did with his father. Feeling guilty, Archie confronts Hiram and returns the gifted car. Considering how much Archie loved the car, it made the gesture the more heartwarming and selfless.

Bringing Fred home

One of the most heartbreaking episodes had to be “Chapter Fifty-Eight: In Memoriam” as Archie had to say goodbye to his dad. When the undertakers come to arrange the funeral processions, they tell Archie that they won’t be able to bring Fred home until the 5th of July.

Archie is uncomfortable with the idea and decides to go pick Fred up himself - Betty, Jughead, and Veronica all agreeing to go with him in support. Archie then refuses to leave, calling Mary in for support when the parlor won’t release the body to him. Archie’s determination to bring Fred had been was nothing but admirable.

Saved Cheryl

The bravest thing Archie did occurred in “Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter” when he saved Cheryl’s life. After the deaths of her brother and father, the tragedy began to take a toll on Cheryl and she suffered a mental breakdown - attempting to take her life.

Archie is among the few who race over to Sweetwater River to try and stop her. As Cheryl falls through the ice, Archie Jughead, Veronica and Betty run to try and recover her. Eventually, Archie manages to find her and breaks his hand trying to get through the ice. He then manages to save her life by resuscitating her with CPR.

Retired Jason’s jersey

The most selfless act Archie has ever committed had to be when he retired Jason’s jersey number in “Chapter Five: Heart of Darkness”. This all came about after Coach Clayton pitted Archie and Reggie off against one another to become the new captain of the Bulldogs.

Out of all the things he did, this act was the one that Archie had no moral obligation to do. He just did it because it was the right thing to do. Even Penelope Blossom was touched by the gesture, which says something considering she is the most heartless person in the town. Archie even refused to take the captaincy in the end because it didn’t feel right to him.