A promo and synopsis for upcoming episodes of Riverdale have been released online. Fans of the show won’t be too happy to know there’s another two week hiatus between the already aired episode 10, and episode 11, which won’t arrive on The CW until April 27th. When the show does return, though, there’s only three episodes left in the current season, and it looks as though we could soon learn who killed Jason Blossom. Finally.

First, a look at episode 11, “To Riverdale and Back Again,” in the promo above. Following on from his birthday party, Jughead is still hurting, and Betty is tapping into her feisty side, as events in Riverdale start to spiral out of control. Take a look, above.

Polly is snooping around Blossom manor, uncovering a room full of wigs. Delightful. As she tells her sister, it’s certainly proof the Blossoms are hiding things, though we’re guessing there’s much worse secrets than Clifford Blossom wearing a wig. Cheryl is having a hard time; realizing the many faults that her family has, and trying to overcome them can be no easy task.

As for Archie, it’s kind of understandable that his mom wants him to move to Chicago, though we know he won’t actually go; there’s a Riverdale season 2, after all. But FP has a gun and, by the looks of things in the promo, it seems the police might want to speak with him. It seems unlikely that FP is the killer, but it’s certainly possible he knows who did it.

Moving on to episode 12, “Anatomy of a Murder,” and it looks like the penultimate episode of season one could reveal whodunit. The official synopsis is below:

There’s a lot there to dissect; who has been arrested. Is it FP? Was Jughead wrong to trust his father? And, what did Veronica and Archie discover? It must be of some importance, and it’s a fair bet that it could influence the murder investigation. As for Cheryl, we’ve all been wondering why her parents seem to love Jason so much more, so whatever the answer (she’s not their child?) we’re waiting to hear it.

“Archie (KJ Apa) and Veronica (Camila Mendes) are shocked to learn of the arrest but know they need to come clean to their parents about what they uncovered. Still hurt by the betrayal of his friends and torn over who to trust, Jughead (Cole Sprouse) reluctantly joins them in a quest for truth. Meanwhile, Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) confronts her mom about why she treats her so much worse than she ever did with Jason.”

After episode 12 comes the season finale, on May 11th. Show runner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has already teased a second death for the season’s end, as well as the biggest set piece of the show so far. If Riverdale decides to take a leaf out of its comic book, then that death could be Jughead’s dog, Hot Dog. However. we’re willing to bet that the season will culminate in an explosive finale and while the character lost won’t be one of the show’s main, young stars, it’ll still be someone pretty significant.

Riverdale continues on The CW on April 27th at 9p.m.