As Riverdale nears the end of its first season, viewers are no closer to finding out who killed Jason Blossom (Trevor Stines) - although the show has certainly revealed plenty of other secrets along the way. With only four episodes left to go and a second season confirmed, fans are even starting to wonder if the murder mystery will be solved in season 1 or if it will be dragged out into the next one. It would certainly be a cliffhanger for the comic adaptation.

Later this summer, another series with plenty of murder and mystery will also be returning to our screens as Game Of Thrones season 7 starts this July. The second-to-last season of the hit fantasy show has its own fair share of cliffhangers to be dealt with, not to mention illicit romances and love triangles. Now, one of the Riverdale writers has noticed the similarities between these two shows, and created some crossover art that fans are sure to love.

Brian E Paterson, who wrote Riverdale’s upcoming ‘Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend’, took to Twitter to share some Game of Thrones style house sigils and mottos for each of the four main characters in the series. He includes art for House Andrews (a hammer and nail, and the motto ‘Strength and Foundation’), House Cooper (an open book and the motto ‘Truth in All Things’), House Lodge (a diamond, and the motto ‘Family, Honor, Unity’) and House Jones (a snake, and the motto ‘Wise As Serpents’). Check them out below.

I took a crack at our four main characters’ family sigils for all the #GameofThrones fans watching. #Riverdale #GoTxRiverdale— Brian E. Paterson (@BrianEPaterson) April 5, 2017

House Andrews, of course, is Archie’s family, with the hammer and nail representing the family construction company. House Cooper is Betty’s, with the book representing her studious nature and the motto referencing her honesty and guilelessness. House Lodge is Veronica’s house, with a diamond for their wealth and polish, and the last house is Jughead’s, with the snake representing not just wisdom, but also matching his solitary nature and slightly goth look in this series.

The sigils also look like they take some inspiration from another fantasy franchise with distinct houses - Harry Potter. House Andrews is predominantly red, House Cooper is yellow, House Lodge is blue, and House Jones is green, just like the four Hogwarts houses. The Jones symbol even matches that of Slytherin, although the other symbols aren’t quite as neatly matched.

Of course, this is far from the first time that another franchise has been part of Game of Thrones mash-up art. The series is so hugely popular that many different series have had banners, sigils, and character re-imaginings drawn for them (such as an excellent Star Wars take). Of course, these pieces also don’t give anything away about the Riverdale plot, but they are certainly a new and fun way of looking at the four main characters in the show.

Riverdale continues with ‘Chapter 10: The Lost Weekend’ next Thursday, April 13th on The CW.

Source: Twitter

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