Katy Keene will drop into the world of Riverdale, with Lucy Hale guest starring on the teen drama ahead of the spinoff’s premiere. Based on the Archie Comics character of the same name, Katy Keene was first announced back in January. Described as a dramedy, the series would focus on four characters, all based on Archie Comics, as they follow their dreams in New York City. Hale was tapped to play Keene, an aspiring fashion designer. Ashleigh Murray, who portrayed Josie McCoy on Riverdale, would reprise her role as the singer-songwriter. Hale and Murray would be joined by Jonny Beauchamp and Julia Chan to round out the main quartet. Beauchamp will be playing a Broadway performer, with aspirations for his drag queen career, while Chan’s character has an eye towards building a fashion empire.

The first full trailer for Katy Keene, released in August, introduces the three new characters and fills in some of the blanks on what Josie has been up to since Riverdale. While trailers aren’t always an accurate representation of the finished product, leaving room for the ways in which a show might evolve over time, the spinoff looked to give off a very different vibe than the series it originated from. Coming across a bit like Glee, with a bit of Sex and the City thrown in, Katy Keene seems worlds apart from the life-endangering drama which regularly engulfs Archie and his gang. But both universes will collide before the spinoff officially hits the airwaves.

According to E! Online, Veronica Lodge is due for a shopping spree with Katy Keene. In an upcoming episode of Riverdale, Veronica will head to New York for a college interview. While she’s there, she’ll be visiting her old pal Katy for some retail therapy. As anyone casually aware of Riverdale would know, Veronica could certainly use the sunnier vibes that New York brings along as a break from all the drama she’s regularly involved in. The crossover episode will air on February 5th, with Katy Keene’s premiere happening the next night on The CW.

Discussing the crossover, executive producers Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Michael Grassi spoke of their excitement at the opportunity for Katy and Veronica to catch up. While the February episode will mark Hale’s first appearance on Riverdale, her character has been mentioned on the show before for making Halloween costumes worn by Archie and Munroe Moore.

Katy Keene is not the first attempt at making a shared TV universe out of unlikely source material. There is, of course, Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. That show has yet be involved with a crossover, with Aguirre-Sacasa saying he’s still working to make it happen, but Katy Keene will have a direct line to Riverdale from the jump.

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Source: E! Online