Riverdale is not only famous for always having a lot of drama and mystery but also for having well-dressed characters. Every main girl on the show is a fashion icon, while guys have clothes that range from decent to great. It’s no wonder so many teenagers have been inspired to change their style.

One of the most prominent characters in this sense is Betty. Despite usually wearing something modest such as one-color sweaters, Betty does find interesting outfits once in a while that make the audience fall in love with her all over again. Here are Betty’s 5 Best Outfits (& 5 Worst).

Best: Denim Jacket (S01E05)

One material that always looks good on Betty is denim. She might be choosing ugly sweaters to wear, but she never once made a mistake with clothes made of denim, and this jacket looks simply great.

It has a kind of an easy-going atmosphere around it and makes you believe that Betty is in a good mood. Another advantage is that you could probably wear it both to casual and formal events and it would look appropriate at all times.

Worst: Collared Rib Sweater (S01E10)

It’s probably a good thing that Riverdale tends to play around with retro things and wants to look like Twin Peaks sometimes. However, it is important not to go over the top with these things. Sadly, the show often tends to cross the line and makes its characters wear outdated clothes.

For example, this collared rib sweater could not possibly fit into the modern fashion trends. It looks ridiculous on Betty and doesn’t seem to fit into her usual look. Moreover, its color does not improve the situation either.

Best: Crown Layered Sweater (S01E10)

This is the first of many outfits Betty wears that is somehow linked to her boyfriend Jughead (played by Cole Sprouse). The occasion is very special: his birthday. It’s good to know that such details are being integrated into the story.

The crown symbolizes the hat Jughead always wears that resembles the crown he wears in the comics. At the same time, this sweater simply looks great on someone like Betty even without considering any additional underlying meanings.

Worst: Navy Orange Sweater (S03E11)

If this is a hint at Betty’s dark side, then it’s not a good one. The combination of colors here is probably as bad as it could be. Generally speaking, it’s possible to make orange and navy look good together, but this case is really not the one where such an experiment ended in success.

Betty was probably having a terrible day if she chose to wear something as depressing. She did find some valuable information about Penelope Blossom’s illegal business, but that obviously didn’t make her change her mind about the sweater.

Best: Satin Faille Dress (S01E01)

Sometimes we get the best things at the very beginning and don’t know we should have treasured them until we realize that we don’t see them anymore. Betty doesn’t wear dresses that often preferring comfortable jeans or trousers instead, so when she does put on a dress, it always feels like a party.

In the first episode of the first season, Betty wore this simple yet beautiful satin faille dress to the school dance and went with Archie and Veronica meeting Kevin at the event. It might not have been the best evening of her life, but she did look pretty.

Worst: Heart Beige Sweater (S02E12)

Alright, this was probably a great concept, but it turned out quite weird if not ugly. Heart patterns are often used on various items nowadays, but this sweater definitely doesn’t make it look any good. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Betty wears it in several scenes which makes you wonder why this was considered a good choice for her. Of course, it’s a sweater and she likes sweaters. But the patters and the color combination are strange at best and awful at worst.

Best: Denim Overalls (S02E06)

Better than a denim jacket could only be denim overalls, and Betty Cooper proves it. She has slightly different designs of denim overalls in her closet and wears them every now and then throughout the show, but this is the first time she appears in one of her most beloved outfits. We don’t get a full view from the front, but even this is enough to see how much they suit her.

The interesting part is that she is fixing a car in this scene while simultaneously keeping up a conversation with Jughead who hands her various tools. It’s a pity this was never brought up ever again because this skill could have developed the character more.

Worst: Duck Print Sweater (S02E15)

Riverdale’s Betty might be superior to her comic original in many ways, but she still makes mistakes and wearing this sweater was by far one of the worst. We can only be thankful that we didn’t get a complete view and she only wore it in one scene.

The duck print sweater has one of the worst color combinations you could find that makes it look muddy rather than visually pleasing. The duck pattern could look quite original if it had been applied properly and the colors were chosen with more care, but we will probably never know what it could have been.

Best: Pink Lace Tiered Dress (S02E12)

As mentioned above, Betty doesn’t usually wear dresses. However, her character is the one who tends to wear lighter, pastel colors while Veronica and Cheryl wear the darker ones. This is why when you combine Betty’s pastel pink with a dress, it looks so fitting for her.

She wore this pink lace tiered dress to Veronica’s confirmation which is symbolic of how Betty is always sweet and caring with her friends. When she wants to do something she isn’t allowed to do (like look for clues to find a murderer), she wears trousers and sweaters.

Worst: Multi-Stripe Bow Neck Sweater (S02E13)

This multi-stripe bow neck sweater might still be appealing to some, but it sure isn’t that pretty. The combination of colors just makes it look muddy rather than simply having darker tones. In addition to that, the ripples don’t look good either which makes the overall impression even worse.

The bow will definitely throw you off at first because it feels out of place here. It’s no wonder she had a fight with her dad over Chic while wearing the sweater (back then, nobody knew her father is the Black Hood and Chic is an impostor).