Like Morgan, who recently got out Riverdale for making her character “nondimensional” and a “sidekick” to white characters, Beck has now uncovered how the show caused her to feel as was she “only there to satisfy a decent variety quantity.” The entertainer talked sincerely in a selective ELLE profile about her time on the arrangement as Peaches ‘N Cream, an individual from the young lady posse Pretty Poisons, in Riverdale season 4 and 3. Her meeting covers everything from issues of hypocrisy to the absence of storyline advancement for Black characters on the arrangement—all choices that have much bigger effects for Black on-screen characters over the long haul.

“I was portrayed as an entirely unlikeable character and accordingly, an unlikeable individual in individuals’ eyes,” Beck told the distribution. “I was, for reasons unknown, delineated in an exceptionally negative, ugly light. Furthermore, I’m not the primary Black on-screen character to appear on set, remain there, bite gum, and look cheeky and mean. I have an inclination that I was only there to satisfy an assorted variety portion. It’s simply to satisfy focuses.”

The Tomorrow People alum proceeded to clarify how an “unlikeable” Black character like hers can have alarming ramifications for entertainers even past their job. It can prompt crowds detesting a character as well as disdaining the entertainer themselves. Beck communicated that devotees of Riverdale would frequently have “a greater amount of a passionate association” to her non-Black castmates, similar to Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, KJ Apa, and Camila Mendes—abandoning entertainers like her in open observation.


Thank you, @gabalexa @elleusa and @juliekosin for allowing me to tell my story. I have remained silent for far too long. We must come together as a collective to hold Hollywood along with our systemic oppressors accountable. Full article linked in my bio. 💖🏳️‍🌈 Repost @gabalexa • • • • • • In my latest for @elleusa, I interviewed Riverdale cast member @bernadettebeck on the show’s mistreatment of Black bisexual characters — and of her as an actress. We spoke about the portrayal of Black characters as sassy and unlikable, the positioning of bisexual characters as ‘down for whatever’, and how merely meeting a diversity quota is not enough. 🏳️‍🌈 I want to give a huge thank you to Bernadette for trusting me to tell this story. Black actresses should not be invisible on set. Black characters need to be treated with more care. Black people are tired of seeing ourselves portrayed via the same toxic stereotypes. @thecwriverdale You can head to the link in my bio for the full story! And please rain your love & support on Bernadette. @bernadettebeck 💖💜💙 #riverdale #elle #thecwriverdale #thecw #bernadettebeck #cw #bisexual #lgbtq #bi #lgbt #blm

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“I didn’t comprehend when I previously jumped on that show that it implied something for your character to be amiable,” she said. “A few people say it’s only a TV show, however I’m pondering the suggestions long haul. On the off chance that we are portrayed as unlikable or our characters are not created or we’re taken a gander at as the foe constantly, that influences our open persona. What sort of chances would we say we are missing out on significantly after Riverdale?”

She proceeded to include, “Our white co-stars are getting this screen time and character improvement. They’re developing their following, producing more fans, selling out at shows, and fans have a greater amount of a passionate association with them. In any case, on the off chance that we don’t really get that, and we’re taken a gander at with scorn, what does that do to us, and how does that stain our notoriety pushing ahead?”

This absence of consideration isn’t just among fans. As indicated by Beck, she was regularly “overlooked” on set by the executive, placing her in the awkward situation of prodding him for guidance.


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“I was totally overlooked in the scene more than once,” she told ELLE. “The chief [would] be strolling off set and I’d need to pursue them down in light of the fact that I had no clue about where to stand, what to do—I simply hadn’t been given any guidance. You can’t treat individuals like they’re undetectable and afterward congratulate yourself for meeting your decent variety amount for the afternoon.”

While Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the show’s maker, gave a “conciliatory sentiment” to Morgan following her announcements in June, he still can’t seem to openly address Beck’s remarks. “We will improve to respect her and the character she plays. Just as the entirety of our on-screen characters and characters of shading,” he wrote because of Morgan. We should check whether and how he truly expects to do that.