Being a teenager is complicated enough as it is. The bodies are changing, hormones are everywhere, and high-school sucks. Being a teenager in Riverdale takes things to a whole other level. These kids don’t have a moment to breathe in the midst of murdered teenagers, weird cults, mobsters, rival gangs…and the list goes on. The most impressive part of the show is how all of these kids managed to keep at least some of their sanity.

With so much craziness going on, the show still finds a way to give the audiences what they love - romance and, of course, all the drama that comes with it. Throughout three seasons fans have been bickering about the Varchies, Bugheads, and Barchies of this world. A case can be made for each and every one of the pairings and fans defend their favorite couple mercilessly. With this in mind, let’s take a look at our favorite ginger, Archie, and 5 reasons why he should be with Veronica - plus 5 why he should be with Betty!

Veronica: It Was Love At First Sight

Archie and Veronica had a beautiful relationship, although it wasn’t exactly what you would call simple. After all, nothing in Riverdale really is, right? But the truth is, these two conquered the hearts of so many fans for a reason. The minute Veronica stepped into town, she made it very clear she meant business. This isn’t a girl you ignore, and she’ll give you sass and attitude from top to bottom.

Archie was quick to pick up on this, and the main character himself has admitted that the minute he set eyes on Veronica, he knew she was “it” for him. No one can remain neutral on the face of a declaration like this, and love them or hate them, Ronnie and Archie were bound to become a thing sooner or later!

Veronica: They Communicate

TV shows can become very frustrating to fans because quite honestly, most of the drama and ridiculous situations the characters find themselves in could be easily solved if they just bothered to talk to each other! This is a problem that we see in more than one instance on our favorite shows, but if it didn’t exist, story arcs probably wouldn’t be as exciting as they are.

However, as true as this is, no one can point a finger at Varchie when it comes to healthy communication. Even more so than Betty and Jughead, these two actually talk about their feelings, plans, and problems. And communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship, so kudos to the pair for being able to express themselves in the midst of all the craziness that are their lives.

Veronica: The Chemistry Is Insane

Let us not forget these two are supposed to be teenagers, and it shows! The raw sexual chemistry between Archie and Veronica is real, and not a soul on this planet can deny it if they’ve been paying enough attention. Honestly, not much attention on this matter is required, because Varchie set our TV screens on fire every time they share a scene together.

Many people criticize them for getting physical all the time, but then again, they’re teenagers, they’re hormonal, and they are very much in love with each other. Throw the first stone if you’ve never got handsy with your significant other every time you got a chance! Nothing? Yup, that makes sense.

Veronica: They Support Each Other

If there’s one thing every healthy relationship needs is unconditional support. No matter how perfect and strong we all wish to look in the eyes of the person we love, life is complicated, and things can get ugly whether we like it or not. Usually, these things tens to be completely out of our control, and the teens of Riverdale know that better than anyone else.

Veronica is Archie’s rock. The girl has been him for him every step of the way, from the very first moment. She helped him get over his stage fright, she was the one who told him he needed to get help, she refused to leave his side when his father was shot, and she remained strong every time Archie needed her. In this sense, no one can point a finger at Ronnie.

Veronica: He Went The Extra Mile For Her

It’s perfectly normal for you to want to get closer with your significant other’s parents. Being in good terms with the in-laws can easily make or break a relationship, and Archie knows that. The problem is, most people tend to have pretty normal lives, and so do their parents - the same can’t be said about Veronica, whose father is an actual mobster.

Getting on Hiram’s good side would take a little more than smiling at dinner, and helping grandma with her chores. Archie is young, stupid, and naive, and he wanted nothing more than to be accepted by the father of the woman he loved. Did he do things he shouldn’t that got him in huge trouble? Yes. Can we blame him? Not really, especially considering the world he lives in.

Betty: They Work Great Together

Everyone likes to point out how Betty and Jughead are the absolute best partners on the show. Granted, we did get some pretty cool moments of the two of them solving mysteries together, especially during that first season, which also did quite a lot for their relationship in romantic terms. That is something we can’t take away from them.

However, people seem to forget that Betty and Archie also make a pretty good team. When things turned ugly with the whole Black Hood situation, the two of them worked together to finally bring him down. He’s the one Betty ended up turning to for help, and the partnership gave us some great Barchie scenes that made us feel, in very least, a little warm inside.

Betty: She Had Genuine Feelings For Him

Sometimes fans get so caught up in the romance between some characters, that it ends up coming in handy to forget some pretty significant moments that happened in earlier seasons. The whirlwind that was Jughead, followed by the intensity of Varchie, almost completely wiped out of our memory the fact that Betty liked Archie at the beginning of the show.

And mind you, this wasn’t just some random crush that lasted for 5 minutes. Betty had been in love with Archie for years, and Veronica knew this. She had real, deep feelings for him, that she very bravely expressed, and handled pretty well after being rejected. There is a foundation for Barchie, and it doesn’t just stem from the wishful thinking of some fans.

Betty: It’s Not Just About Sex

Going back to the issue of Archie and Veronica getting physical a lot, this really does strike a chord with a lot of people. Now, the problem isn’t necessarily that they have too much sex - as we’ve covered, this isn’t exactly unexpected considering their age, their chemistry, and everything else, but rather the situations they choose to do it. After Archie’s father got shot definitely comes to mind here.

The thing about a potential relationship between Archie and Betty is that it would have the chance to be a little deeper than the one he had with Veronica. With all the strengths of their relationship, it’s undeniable that it does seem to have a focus on sex to a concerning extent, almost as if they use as therapy. If he was with Betty, it would probably be a little different.

Betty: They Are Real Friends

The best relationships - whether they are real or fictional - tend to be based on friendship. How often do we hear the happiest couples refer to their significant other as their best friend? Even the relationship between Betty and Jughead is a good example of this since they both started developing romantic feelings for each other after they became close friends.

Archie and Betty are one of the longest friendships on the show. They’ve been inseparable ever since they were kids, which is a beautiful thing. Obviously, not every boy and girl who are friends need to become a couple, but Betty did end up developing romantic feelings for Archie. While his relationship with Ronnie seems to be based more in chemistry than anything else, his relationship with Betty would be based on loyalty and friendship.

Betty: It Mixes Things Up

Okay, it’s true that Riverdale has more twists and crazy plotlines per episode than most TV shows have for entire seasons. But still, it’s undeniable that a relationship between Archie and Betty would definitely shake things up a little bit. The showrunners focused so much on Jughead and Varchie for so long, that now it could be time to move on to something else.

Veronica and Reggie already brought something new to the table, but what could happen if the showrunners gave Barchie a go? Even if it wasn’t supposed to be “endgame”, in Veronica’s own words, it could stir the pot enough to create a new storyline. Walking towards its fourth season, Riverdale needs all the creativity it can get. This could definitely be a good starting point, that would satisfy a lot of fans - and completely enrage others.