Since making its debut, The CW’s Riverdale has quickly become one of the most beloved teen dramas currently on television. The show’s darker twist on classic Archie Comics characters actually worked out surprisingly well, earning the show its own devoted following of fans. While some of the drama is still very over the top, its elements like that that give the show its flare.

Likewise, being darker in nature means that characters occasionally meet an untimely demise. In fact, the very first episode opens with a murder. While elements like this can be great for keeping audiences in suspense, some character deaths have definitely been more impactful than others. Looking specifically at some of those deaths, here is our list of 5 Riverdale deaths that broke our hearts, and 5 we actually enjoyed.

UPDATE: This article originally contained Sister Woodhouse (who is not yet dead).

Jason Blossom (Enjoyed)

Part of what made Jason Blossom’s death enjoyable was that he was the very first death in Riverdale. Jason’s death not only helped set the tone for the series going forward, but also helped lay the foundation for everything the show would become.

Furthermore, fans never really got the chance to get to know Jason, making his death much easier to digest. Though some characters are still haunted by the events of Jason’s past today, there’s no denying that his death is part of what drew audiences in in the first place.

Baby Teeth (Broke Our Hearts)

Baby Teeth was actually an incredibly minor character throughout season 3 of Riverdale. For the most part, viewers only knew him as one of the other imprisoned kids fighting as part of the underground ring with Archie. Part of what made Baby Teeth so likeable was his general innocence, and the fact that he could relate well with archie.

Therefore, it was incredibly sad when Baby Teeth was found in a similar manner to other kids playing Gryphons and Gargoyles. Furthermore, the fact that the Gargoyle Gang had removed his teeth before he died made it all the more heartbreaking. While he may not have been a major character in the show, Baby Teeth’s death was still incredibly sad to witness.

Clifford Blossom (Enjoyed)

Even before he died, no one ever really liked Clifford Blossom. While no one was really supposed to like him, he still had an arrogant, pretentious, and downright creepy air about him. When he was revealed as Jason’s killer at the end of the first season, fans were surprised, but not exactly shocked, considering Clifford’s incredibly sketchy nature.

Unfortunately, Clifford would commit suicide before being brought to justice. However, since so many hated him to begin with, no one really misses him and it is easy to see why some are downright happy he is gone.

Dilton Doiley (Broke Our Hearts)

Dilton Doiley’s death was actually one of the first deaths to occur in season 3. In fact, his death, along with Ben Buttons, kicked off the mystery of the Gargoyle King. Though Dilton wasn’t a huge role in the Riverdale TV show, he always played a much bigger role in the Archie Comics.

Therefore, fans of the comics were incredibly sad to see Dilton killed off in this manner. In the past, Dilton actually provided some key information when it came to some previous murders. Though he was still a smaller character on the show, his nerdy, innocent nature made it all the harder to watch him go.

Hal Cooper (Enjoyed)

Betty’s father, Hal, always seemed to have a questionable moral character. However, no one really thought he could go as dark as he did in season 2, when he was revealed as the mysterious Black Hood.

After he was locked up, Hal would continue to play a role in season 3, though not nearly as often. By the end of the season, it was pretty clear that Hal was actually dead. While he has certainly cheated death more than once now, it seems very unlikely that Hal will make a return later in the series. Furthermore, due to his evil and tempting nature, fans are also kind of glad that he is officially gone.

Joaquin (Broke Our Hearts)

Considering his relationship with Kevin, Joaquin’s death became all the more tragic. After the relationship the two had built during the first season, many viewers had actually grown attached to Joaquin. As a result, it was actually very nice to see him again while Archie was in prison.

When it was revealed that he was deeply involved with Gryphons and Gargoyles though, Joaquin’s fate seemed to be sealed. Thankfully, he still managed to get a heartfelt goodbye with Kevin, though it made it all the more saddening when Joaquin turned up dead. While it makes sense that Joaquin would eventually turn up dead, it doesn’t take away from the incredibly tragic nature of his demise.

Midge (Broke Our Hearts)

Like Dilton, Midge is a much bigger character in the comics than she is in the TV show. However, Midge actually held a much stronger presence in the show throughout the first two seasons. Her relationship with Moose was likeable while also nodding to the two’s relationship in the comics.

Because of this, seeing her dead as a result of a Black Hood attack came as an incredible shock. Though it was necessary for Moose to begin his relationship with Kevin, it was still really surprising to see Midge die.

Warden Norton (Enjoyed)

Warden Norton quickly became one of the most hated individuals on Riverdale. As the Warden overseeing Archie while he was in prison, Norton was soon revealed to be quite corrupt. Not only was he in Hiram Lodge’s pocket, but he was also a key player in Gryphons and Gargoyles.

Furthermore, Warden Norton also played a major role in the underground fights that imprisoned boys were forced to partake in, making him one of the bigger bads on the show. Needless to say, no one was really upset when Norton turned up dead.

Fred Andrews (Broke Our Hearts)

The thing that makes Fred Andrews’ death so sad is the real life passing of the actor who played him, Luke Perry. Perry was always one of the strongest moral characters on the show and made a great guide for Archie and the other teens. Though he was always intended to be on the show longer than three seasons, the entire narrative had to shift to accommodate his passing.

Not only was Fred Andrews a major part of the show, but he is one of the first major characters to die as part of the narrative. Luke Perry’s performance made him incredibly likeable throughout every season on the series and he will certainly be missed by more than just Riverdale fans.